Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Last Thing I Need is Another Picture of Me Looking Like a Porcelain Doll...

What do I want for Christmas? Hey, funny you should ask! Let's take a look, shall we?

Dave's Christmas Wish List 2009

The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collection:  My favorite all-time comic, for numerous reasons - which I don't need to list, since they're likely the same reasons you have! At $100 though, I'm not sure I'll be getting this any time soon, unfortunately...  LINK


Bloom County: The Complete Collection Vol 1 and 2: Coming in at a very solid 2nd place, this strip is a favorite of mine for increasingly sentimental reasons. The creator had a strong political bent which found its way into many of the strip storylines, thus dating the strip fairly clearly, limiting their longevity - not in every case, but in a good number of cases. Still, the characters are awesome, and really registered with me in my late teens. Each of these is under $30. Not sure how many volumes there will be.    LINK 1  *  Link 2


The Far Side Complete Collection:  Another favorite of mine growing up... man, who doesn't love The Far Side? How Larson did so much with only one panel is way beyond me. The man is/was a genius. Another $100 price tag on this one... someday... someday... LINK

Dilbert: 20 Years of Dilbert: This is the only one I want to get that is still in the papers each day. Dilbert is poorly drawn, but the humor and the characters are insanely memorable. Catbert is my hero. The $55 price tag is a bit more than I'd like to spend on a book, but I'm sure it's worth it somehow.  LINK


Are you noticing a theme? :D

Last year, I bought myself about a half-dozen games for Christmas... this year, there really aren't any that are clamoring for my attention, at least not enough to actually purchase. Left 4 Dead 2 would be cool, but I'm still enjoying the first Left 4 Dead... why get another when I haven't wrung the juice out of the first? Dragon Age looks great, but from what I've read, it will require many, many hours of devotion, which I'd rather not have to deal with, since I have so many great titles gathering dust on my shelf already. Although I really should put them up on SwapTree (thanks for the link, Logan) and just trade them straight up for other games I'd like... then it wouldn't cost me anything.

Other than those two, there are no games I'd even consider, that I can think of.

Of course, the Beatles Remastered Collection is already going to be purchased as gift to/from my mom and me...

So really, there's nothing else I can say I'd like to get. Those books are too expensive, really... heck, getting them all would set me back about $350 - and that's not even including the Peanuts Collection... that's money better spent elsewhere, more productively.

[EDIT: In this spot originally, I blasted a book & author unnecessarily, and without thought. I have edited it out, although the damage has been done. Apologies for being so thoughtless.]

I better throw in a couple more nice landscapey pics for you to gawk at... come now, join me for a good gawking! I think I'll go with a "mist theme" tonight...

I guess that'll do it for tonight. I trust you are all doing well! Thanks again for reading so faithfully. You all = the Best.

Until tomorrow, remember, I don't see what all of the fuss is about. It doesn't look any bigger than the Mauritania...


Bob said...

The title is from Titanic, mwahahahaha!!!! :DDD

Tell me what i've won!!! :PP

logankstewart said...

I've wanted that Calvin & Hobbes collection for many years now. For now I'll stick with all my collections...

"What a mediocre, rote turd." That's a heck of a book review, that is. Made me choke a bit on breathing, laugh, and chug on like nothing happened.

If you want to add another graphic item(s) to your list, check out Neil Gaiman's Absolute Sandman books. The four of those covers the complete series, and each one is near $100.

One day, when I'm a millionaire (who am I kidding, I'd settle for a hundredthousandaire) I'll hopefully get some of these books, and Dragon Age, too!

Melissa (My World) said...

It doesn't look any bigger than the mauritania... - from Titanic as well?

All that mist - are you still stuck in the Mistborn trilogy?

Love the pictures though.

Joseph said...

Love the landscape pics Dave. Keep em coming! I use some for.wallpapers on my new phone :)

Abbie said...

wow, those collector's sets are pretty nice! but i like the idea of you getting a completed book by your favorite author :D sounds good to me!
Nice pictures too...I think i liked the first one the best

David Wagner said...

Bob, you win a swift kick to the nether-regions! Congratulations!

Logan: Logan: That's all I need... more expensive books to buy! :O

Melissa: Yep, I'm lurking in the mists... that way no one can see the wig I'm wearing...

Jope: Glad I could help! Lots of good ones coming up...

Abbie: I'm getting there, I'm getting there... the book will be done soon, I hope! (Man, now I feel like GRRM...)