Monday, April 30, 2012

"Every Obnoxious Act Is A Cry For Help." -- Zig Ziglar

OK, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of the A-to-Z Challenge! Woohoo!

And as a treat for you all (I use the term 'treat' loosely, lol), I have undertaken to create a new Z-Themed Wagnervana Episode for you.

Click it to read it better - it's in 2 parts... I'll have a little Q&A with the artist afterwards...

Q&A with David Wagner (interview by Dave Wagner):

Dave: OK, David, so my first question is, are you in fact insane?

David: Certifiable. It says so on my resume.

Dave: Excellent, we'll get along just fine then. OK, I have a few questions about your Wagnervana comic strip. Why do you make new strips so infrequently?

David: Because they are a butt-load of work, and I'm normally way too lazy to contemplate such a thing.

Dave: A side note; is it burdensome to carry around a nose that size?

David: No, not at all. We go on adventures together all the time.

Dave: Excellent. OK, so about the quality of the artwork in your strips... why do you have such a hard time drawing faces the same in each panel? I mean, look at Vye for example! He looks different each time he appears! Plus, his proportions vary wildly.

David: Yeah, well, I was born in the back of a truck.

Dave: Ah, I see now. Thank you. Moving on, is there any particular reason you wanted to make Nic Cage your new neighbor?

David: I thought it would be funny.

Dave: Is it because you're so tired right now that you thought it would be funny?

David: Yes. I think I'm even hallucinating right now. Are you my mother?

Dave: No. A final question and I'll let you get some sleep. Do you honestly think anyone else will find this latest strip amusing at all?

David: No clue. All I can do after finally finishing a strip is post it and hope for the best. I've had pretty good luck so far with people liking them. If not, at least my mother still loves me. You are my mother, right?

Dave: And that's all the time we have for tonight. Thank you, David, for the interview. Might I suggest a nap, a breath mint and professional psychiatric help. Good night.

David: Good night. Zzzzzzzzz.........


Anonymous said...

DAVE! I loved it! I was actually laughing out loud at the last frame (that takes a lot!). The fun part about it is when I read I have a habit of scanning everything at once, especially in this format, well, even when clicking on the box the text was so small, I put on my drugstore readers and carefully read each frame -BAM! Cage pops up. Fun Fun Fun. Good work.

Beth A.

PS: I wonder if he or his peeps do the Google search thing. Perhaps you guys could start an internet dual.

logankstewart said...

Color me intrigued. Vive Nic Cage! Vive Zorro Wagner!

kristacole said...

Very funny!!! Definitely had me laughing! Both comic and interview... good z Zorro!

David Wagner said...

Glad you all enjoyed it. I've already spotted several changes I need to make to the artwork - most notably the mysterious case of Vye's Disappearing Sword. Plus, the strip needs more Carl, and some stuff on the walls... I'm just glad I got something up for today. I'll make the tweaks and swap the art out this week.

I also think I'm going to try to make a dedicated page for the previous strips. And I believe I came up with a faster way to make the strips which I may experiment with soon...

Thanks again for all your encouragement.

Dave the Loon

Abbie Josephsen said...

YES!! Vye the Conqueror and Dave-O are BACK!!!! WOOT WOOT!! Excellent strip Dave, I loved it!! Way to end on a great note :D (ps. I loved the pun in your interview regarding born on a truck and then "moving on". LOL! Dave for President!

Ethan Fowler said...

DAVEEEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! WOW I LOVED YOUR STRIP!!!! CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR A to Z challenge, You are my blogging hero. :) Haha and 'OSCAR' ... Priceless!!!!!

Dave-O said...

BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVED IT, missed the comic strips, but who am i kidding? I've missed blogging, maybe i'll take the costume idea to motivate me....BUAHAHAHAHAHA maybe not haha, keep up the awesome work bro!!!