Thursday, April 5, 2012

"The Distance Between Insanity and Genius is Measured Only By Success." -- Bruce Feirstein

Pssst... hey you... yes, you, in the Hello Kitty hoodie, the pork-pie hat and the purple feather boa... yeah, you... come here... I have something to tell you, and I'm too embarrassed to say it out loud... I need to whisper it...

... closer....

OK, here's the deal... [Dave leans in close]

:O - BUUURP!!!!

Ha! Gotcha.

OK, so yesterday's post (E) was light on content, so tonight I'm going to have to make up for it... I have got... a LOT... of stuff for F... I'm going to start off with my Favorite Swear Words...


I'm kidding, of course. See, I'm too pure for such coarse, unseemly language. Yeah, that sort of thing.

A quick cool note before I start... the Wagner Women were at Sea World today, and who do you think sat in the row ahead of them, off to the left a bit, with her kids, a nanny and personal security? Yup, Wifey's favorite actress, Jennifer Garner. How cool is that? I'm happy for Wifey, it made her day.

Favorite Movies (F):

The Fall (2006): Fascinating, visually arresting, incredibly imaginative, and perhaps the best child-acted part I've seen since Tatum O'Neal in Paper Moon. Lee Pace plays Roy Walker, a stunt man from back in the early days of silent cinema who is injured on set and is paralyzed, recovering in a LA hospital. Extremely depressed, he befriends a young girl who is also at the hospital, recovering from breaking her arm while falling from a tree. In an effort to win her trust, he makes up an elaborate fairy tale, so that she trusts him enough to do him a biiiig favor, that he can't do himself... huge fan of this film -- so much so that I made a little video review back in 2009 for this very blog! It was an episode of the series I did called "A Few of My Favorite Scenes"...

Yeah, I know... I didn't know how to make them high-res back then, so the visual punch is kinda lost. But the movie is great fun, and a feast for the eyes. Recommended.

The Fifth Element (1997): Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker, and the beautiful Milla Jovovich star in this crazy sci-fi movie that is equal parts action-packed, funny, quirky and annoying. It's also very hard to summarize and/or explain. Rather than attempt such a thing, let me just recommend you watch it.

OK, fine, since I'm in the mood to post clips, here's a quick scene from the movie, where Korben negotiates with the baddies...

Yeah, good stuff, methinks. In fact, I better watch this movie again soon...

Finding Nemo (2003): Pretty sure I don't need to tell you about this one... it's probably safe to say that everyone in the world has seen this one at least three times already. My second-favorite Pixar movie, next to Monsters Inc. Good stuff. I won't post a clip, though... sorry...

Favorite Acting Performances (F):

Colin Farrell in In Bruges (2008): This is a case where the performance out-weighed the movie for me. Not sure I'd recommend the movie, in and of itself, but Farrell, Ralph Fiennes and Brendan Gleeson are all terrific. Ferrell and Gleeson work for Fiennes as hit men. After a job goes bad, they are forced to hang out in Bruges, a city in Belgium, and try to lay low until the problems associated with the botched hit blow over. It's a character piece more than anything, and Colin is terrific and memorable. Lots of humor, great dialog and action... the script was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Farrell also was nominated for Best Eyebrows in a Leading Role, but didn't win. Plenty of language and some adult stuff... watch at own risk.

Albert Finney in The Dresser (1983): Already talked about this on "D Day", so I won't repeat it here. I just didn't feel right filing this under Honorable Mention.

Favorite Games (F):

Fallout 3 (2008): An open-world, post-apocalyptic role-playing game set in a nuke-devastated Washington DC teeming with mutants, bandits, ogres, government thugs, paladins, vampires and other wandering survivors. Sound like your cup of tea? Trust me, the game is terrific. There's nothing like wandering the wasteland listening to old tunes (hosted by the illustrious Three-Dog), exploring and blowing up abandoned vehicles. Lots of great nerve-wracking action, dark humor, pleasant surprises, cool quests and feelings of accomplishment. There was a follow-up game released in 2010 called New Vegas that was good, but for me, Fallout 3 stands alone.

[Honorable Mention: Freecell]

People I'd Like To Meet (F):

Jimmy Fallon: Great impressionist, very funny guy. Makes me laugh. Yes, making me laugh is enough for me to want to meet you. Go on, say something funny... if I laugh, I'll add you to my list...

Favorite Comics (F):

The Far Side (1980 - 1995): Gary Larson is another genius. I'm sure this is yet another case where I don't really need to say anything. Do I really have to explain why this comic is awesome? Seriously, if you've never heard of the Far Side, you probably aren't on the internet reading this to begin with....

[Honorable Mention: Foxtrot by Bill Amend]

Favorite Songs (F):

Facedown by Matt Redman: Also one of my very favorite albums. I'm happy for God that He has someone like Matt to love Him.

[Honorable Mentions: Facing East by Thievery Corp
Fearless by DC Talk
The Fatal Wound by Switchfoot
Feel the Spirit by CeCe Winans
The Fields of Athenry by the Irish Tenors]

Odds & Ends (F):

Favorite Books: The First Law series by Joe Abercrombie
Favorite Book Characters: Fenris the Feared (First Law Series), Syrio Forel (A Game of Thrones)
Favorite Swear Word: Fiddlesticks (insert eye-roll here)


I'd say that's enough nonsense for today... can't wait for Sunday, when I can post a normal post again!!!

Adios for now,

Dave the Flatulent, Flustered and Fool-hearty

PS If you have another 2 minutes, watch that video I linked to Tatum O'Neal's name back in the mention of The Fall... That's your sneak-peek for "O Day," and "P Day" both, when I revisit that amazing movie... keep in mind, they did that whole scene in one shot! And that was one of many "one shot" scenes in the incredible film. That a kid could pull that off is amazing to me.


Martha said...

Excellent choices ! My favorite of all are the far side comics - beware of Doug ::snicker:: That's one of those kind of things that will pop into my head at moment I'm suppose to be quiet and serious!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I love, love the fall picture in your opening.

I also would like to meet Jimmy Fallon, or be interviewed by him. Maybe he can start having cool wanna be editors on his show, lol.

Yes, for Finding Nemo and the Fifth Element. Now I just need to check out The Fall. Looks intriguing. My type of movie. Thanks for the plug.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a celebrity fan, but Ms. Garner "seems" (from what the media feeds us) genuinely "normal," for an actress. I can appreciate your wife's thrill at interacting with her. Most celebrities I would walk the other way if I spotted them.

Favorite Nemo character: Ellen Degeneres. Hillarious

My Mother LOVES anything Bruce Willis - she has them all.

I'll have to check out The Fall.

My David had Farside books, my favorite is the one displaying the "new" type of rearview mirror (years ago) and it says, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." And it's completely filled with a giant eye!! HaHaHa.

Jimmy Fallon is good (but Sheen gives me the willies).

Another great post. Can't believe you work eight hours, raise a family, and have time for this. What's your secret?


David Wagner said...

Martha: Thanks for the encouragement. Far Side is awesome. Then again, I'm a big fan of absurdity in the first place...

Reb: Glad you liked the opening photo - I try to mix it up. Got another cool one for tomorrows' post. Let me know if you like The Fall.

Beth: The secret? Multi-tasking. Most of the work went into generating the list. The rest is cake. Plus, I can work on the post and other stuff at the same time. It's only really put a dent into my gaming time, which I don't really mind. I like entertaining people.

I don't mind Sheen to much -- he has the same big nose and double-line scowl between his eyebrows like I do... so I feel a certain kinship with him. Plus, he's a nutcase like me, lol. Of course, that's where the similarities end - I don't do drugs or have the lifestyle he does (thank God). Jimmy Fallon is crazy-talented. I dig him.

Let me know as well if you like The Fall. Great film.

Abbie Josephsen said...

I still haven't seen the Fall but I remember it from your review! Thats when I first looked up Lee Pace (such a cutie :D) but I don't like movies where I cry... but the visuals look amazing!!!

Jimmy Fallon seems amazing! and if he were single I'd want Reb or Grace to marry him :D lol.

And the Far Side is totally funny too :) Good post dave!

Mel said...

Finally! Someone who shares my love for "The Fifth Element". I have loved this movie since it came out and have tried convincing people of its awesomeness. Also, "Finding Nemo' is one of my favorite Pixar movies. I'm really looking forward to "Brave" though. Great choices for this letter!

Rory L. Aronsky said...

Good stuff. I won't post a clip, though... sorry...

*bursts into tears, then calms down, and begins to stomp away* Fine! I'll find some myself! Or I'll just pull out the DVD I have, even though I'm too lazy to do that right now.

logankstewart said...

F-day may be my favorite yet.

1. Fallon is the best.
2. Fallout 3 is the best.
2.5. Fallout 1 is currently available for free until Monday for you crazy computer gamers at here. (I think it's until Monday...)
3. "Facedown" is phenomenal.
4. And The Far Side is only topped by C&H.

(Seriously, is there an impersonation that Fallon can't pull off? I'm not sure.)

Great stuff!