Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Behind Every Great Man is a Woman Rolling Her Eyes." - Jim Carrey

"A little miffed" or "a middle lift", which one?

OK, so if the mithril vest that Frodo got from Bilbo was strong enough to prevent the cave troll's trident from puncturing it (and him), then how was it able to keep Frodo from being crushed like a bug? Just because the vest can't be punctured doesn't mean that it stops blunt force as well. That's like saying those shark suits (that can prevent shark teeth from puncturing suit/flesh) can also prevent a diver's arm from being crushed by the shark's jaws! I mean, that trident blow from the cave troll would have crushed little Frodo's ribcage like an egg shell!

Also, if the mithril was strong enough to prevent the trident from puncturing it, why couldn't it prevent Shelob's stinger from getting through?

Well? Gimme answers now, or I'll scream like a woman!

So, I decided today that I'm going to change the LAN party. It's too much work, so I'm going to make it a FLAN party instead. So we won't be playing games, but rather sitting around, sampling different types of flan all night long. Oh, don't worry, I'll also have several different types of coffees and teas as well! That is, unless "coffee" and "tea" are both their own plurals, in which case I'll also have several different types of coffee and tea as well! Hmm... I wonder which way is grammatically correct? Gah, figuring it out is too stressful!

Forget it. The LAN party is back on.

I just better remember to wear my mithril long underwear... you know, in case Dave-O brings his trident...

So I bought that new iMac I've been threatening to buy. It was a no brainer, really. 12 months at zero percent interest? Bah, I'm there. I'll have that thing paid off in half that time, plus get the full tax write-off, plus have an extra machine for the LAN party available for those with weak gaming machines (Shannon! Yanni!). I got all the networking gear from Vye, got my iMac with Windows 7 installed and WC3 and UT3 installed. I got notice that my box full of Battlefield 2 will arrive Thursday. And so I have a Fry's run to make on Thursday, to grab a cable, a mouse and an extra copy of L4D, then a massive food/snack run to stock the fridge, and I'll be ready!

Plus, I should be getting a hefty paycheck in the mail tomorrow as well! Thursday should be a great day indeed!

Here's a skate video for you that might be worth watching for you, even if you're not much into skateboarding... this guy does some of the craziest, most original tricks I've seen. Not very practical, of course... he calls them "circus tricks", but wildly unique in any case. There's also some traditional tricks mixed in, along with some great mess-ups and slams.

It's only 4 minutes! Why not watch it, eh?

So I take the wife/kids to the airport Friday, late morning. Then I get the house to m'self for 8 whole days! What, o what will I do with all that time? Other than the LAN party, I mean... well, honestly? Probably nothing. I pondered having a Scrabble party also, but I'm pretty stressed over the LAN already... not sure adding a whole new event to my plate is such a good idea... especially now that I'm back on energy drinks again!

O_O *bzzzzzz!!!!*

Still enjoying The Folding Knife, by KJ Parker, who I believed was a British female author - at least that's what wikipedia says! But there's apparently uncertainty on the internet. Some refer to Parker as a him, others a her. It doesn't help that it's an acknowledged pseudonym, or that Parker's website is still under construction! But the book is great!

Let me modify that. The story is good, but really, I'm reading it more for how it's written than the story. It's just fun to read, and I find I don't really care about the story much. The characters and the dialog, and the prose itself, is just all fun. That's the way I want my writing to be - a fun, easy read. And if I can hide a rich story in there as well, then I'll accomplish my goal. But really, my main goal is to have people tear through the book, smiling and chuckling.

Squish me luck!

I've also been journaling every night. Venting my spleen, to no one but myself and God. I *really* hope no one else ever reads it! Cuz my secrets are in there, sheesh! Whatdja think! I write on my little web book, which is password protected, so it's all good. Plus, it helps that it's incessantly boring text that no one else would want to read to begin with. That's my own brand of file security. Have boring secrets. Ta-da! Fool proof.

So Logan is still somehow updating his blog while away on his cruise. He had a new link dump up there today, and I checked out a blog he suggested, and it had a really funny post up called The 7 Shadiest People at the Beach, which I think you'll find amusing. The comments are funny, too! I added a comment, of course... and now, you can do the same! Funny blogger, named Brian Allain.

OK, I am done. I will talk at you more some other time, if you're lucky. So be lucky already! Sheesh! I have more to say, but I can't say it until you get lucky!

Wait, that didn't come out right...

Dave the Lame

PS I have 45 followers now! I'm so freakin' famous! Oh, and I'm leaving the facial hair poll up for another day or so... it's such an important topic, I can't rush it....


Drydoryssus said...

True ... bulletproof jackets too cannot keep your ribs out of your lungs ...

Hmm ... because ?

Bryan Allain said...

thanks for the kind words. and keep up the good work with your blog. 45 followers is great. it can multiply faster than you think.

logankstewart said...

Dunno if you saw it or not, but I answered the question you asked with how I did it [updated my blog] on the post you asked it.

Aye, Bryan Allain's blog is always funny stuff.