Friday, May 7, 2010

"Anybody Can Direct, but There Are Only Eleven Good Writers." - Mel Brooks

Three whole days without an update. How did you survive? Did you survive? I know I didn't... I'm writing this from the afterlife...

Things are pretty much the same on this side. Same house, same problems with wifey, same annoying personal habits and idiosyncrasies, same slightly unpleasant odors...

Wait a minute...

Guess I'm still alive after all!

Threw my back out on Wednesday. It's still sore/sensitive after two visits to the chiropractor, extensive use of a heating pad and a few ibuprofens. What did I do to throw it out, you ask? Lifting a car off of a burning bag of beef jerky? A particularly violent game of Tackle Scrabble? Trying to top Logan by falling down 15 stairs?

No. I was just walking across the room. That's it, just walking. BANG! Felt like I'd been stabbed in the lower back. Almost went down. I literally was doing nothing but walking. Weird, eh?

That's from a webcomic I stumbled upon recently, called Left Handed Toons by Right Handed People. As is obvious by the name of the strip, that explains why the art is so poor. But I spent a while clicking the "random" button over there, and had many good laughs. For some reason, I enjoyed this strip, so I posted it here, eh! Cuz I share like that! So go check them out, eh!

Working out more logistics for the upcoming LAN party at my house, on the 15th. So far, looks like about 14 people will be there. It could swell to about 20 at various points. I'm reading more articles online with tips to put on a successful LAN party. The number one concern seems to be power. Finding out where the separate power channels are and dividing people up so we don't have too many systems plugged into one channel. Otherwise we'll be losing power and having to flip switches in the fuse box outside, and rotating people around. I'll try to find out which outlets and which rooms are on which channels, and get some extra power strips, etc. Hopefully, we'll get everyone set up. I believe at least a third of the systems will be laptops, which don't use as much power as big ol' beastly gaming rigs (like mine!), so we'll probably be ok.

Should be fun, I hope. I'm also trying to solidify the games list, and get some prizes and give-aways and things, as well as arrange for enough food/drink.

I should get some of these to give away as a prize. Handerpants! How funny is that?

I was actually thinking about giving away a decent gaming mouse, and maybe a pretty nice headset or something. We'll see. I also bought 6 copies of Battlefield 2 to distribute amongst those willing to give one of my favorite all-time games a try. Ordered them on the 6th, the party is the 15th. Plenty of time, right? Got an email from Amazon saying estimated arrival date of package: May 15 to May 19th. O_O Dangit, if the games don't arrive before the party, I am going to be 8 shades of livid. I paid $10 for the 3-5 day shipping, to make sure I'd have them well ahead of time.

Ah, well. I suppose there's worse problems to have... I mean, at least my back isn't out.

Wait a minute!

I've found a terrific female fantasy writer, at last! KJ Parker is terrific. Making headway though The Folding Knife. The story is good, but it's the writing style that impresses me. Stay tuned for review, eh!

Well, it's the weekend. Hopefully something fun & interesting will happen. Then I can write about it and assuage your boredom for a few moments on Monday. My brother John's birthday is the 8th. I'm sure he'll be golfing... but maybe something else will happen!

Until then, adios!


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ABbie said...

dude, i totally want to draw comics with my left! that will be my next goal after i master cursive and portraits :P

the folding knife... i like the title! Hope you are feeling better!

Grace Sandlin said...

i commented on your women beautiful dilemma today from a couple days ago so check that out. because i am an expert opion on the subject. Because I am woman!

Rebecca said...

Yay! I am glad you found a good female fantasy writer. Let me know how it turns out. I am always on the prowl for good female writers in this genre. It irks me that the fantasy genre is so male dominant. I'll have more time in 2 weeks to read as well. Graduation!

havah said...

"Meanwhile, in Finland"...LOL.

I hope your games get there in time, and that the LAN party goes well. My brother used to go to the school computer lab. :D

Happy late birthday, John! It shouldn't matter that I don't know him, right?

Oh, I voted. I'm good like that.