Saturday, September 5, 2009

Your Having Sent This Announcement All Over the World May Well Constitute a Breach of National Security

Saturday is done. How sad! Something this sad warrants a poem!

The Last Saturday of Summer
A Poem by Dave the Llama
Alas, Summer!
Like an empty salt shaker,

The season has run out.

Like Lot's wife,

We cannot look back

Or we'll, like, turn into salt too.

But then we won't be out of salt

So we hold our heads high,
And look forward with pride.

For as the Book says,

Pride comes before Fall.

Now please pass the salt.

Aww, yeah! That's Pulitzer material right there! The best part was how nothing rhymed, and the meter was inconsistent throughout. That makes it seem really deep, I'm told... and not like I basically made it up off the top of my head... ah, life as a professional poet is grand! The people, the parties, the beef jerky binges - all the things you imagine would accompany such a sophisticated lifestyle! They're mine! All mine! You can't have them! MUAHAHAH!!!!

OK, the poem sucked, I agree. Better move on...

Eldest Daughter has been sick for some time now, so we finally broke down and took her to the doctor today. I guess we hoped whatever it was would just fix itself, but it didn't. She's the only one of us not covered by health insurance, so we feared the worst. But we located a clinic that would see her, and they did their tests and came back positive for strep throat. They wrote out a prescription for antibiotics that Target filled for $4 for some reason. Anyway, total costs to get her seen and treated was under $100... all that worry for nothing! I thought it would be many times that... every ER trip we've ever taken has always been much more than that...

In any case, she has medicine and is resting now, and it wasn't swine flu or anything like that. Still, I need to look into what's involved in getting her back on the insurance again. She got the boot when she turned 19 this past April.

Funny Picture Time!

Come on! You've seen Dog Day Afternoon! You're stalling!

I'm feeling kind of empty tonight, as you can tell, as far as what to write about. I mean, when I break out the bad poetry, you know I've reached the bottom of the barrel. Sorry.

I guess I'll post a couple baseball-related videos, since we're all such big baseball fans around here, right? [insert eyeroll here] Well, I'm gonna do it anyway! So there! :P This first one is cool - a dude in the left field bleachers is filming batting practice, and the guy at the plate hits a homer, which the guy filming catches as he's filming. Pretty cool.

And this next clip is of a game in late August (Mets vs Phillies), in which the second baseman for the Phillies (Eric Bruntlett) does something only 15 others in the history of the game have ever done... the unassisted triple play. With no outs in the top of the ninth, the Mets have runners on first and second. They go for a hit and run, so both runners take off, the guy at the plate hits a line drive to Bruntlett (1 out), who immediately steps on second base (2nd out) and then tags the guy that's running toward second base (third out), all in like a couple seconds.

That's something you'll probably not see happen again for a looooong time. The cool thing was that it ended the game, sealing a 1-run victory for the Phils. Usually, two on with no outs gives the advantage to the batting team. Not in the case. Sure, it was more fluke than skill... still, it's pretty historic. Like watching someone pitch a perfect game.

Found a cool blog the other day, called 1000 Awesome Things.

If you click the pic, it will take you to the site. They post a random thing every day that they think is awesome. As you can see, today's is "Taking the stairs beside somebody taking the escalator." Other recent entries include "Turning off all the lights during a thunderstorm," "Eating the crusts of the sandwich first to save the middle part for last," and "When chopsticks come apart perfectly." Yeah, it's pretty light-hearted fare, but it makes for fun reading. Nose around there if/when you get the chance.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna pull the plug tonight. Sorry about the minimal amount of movie quotes. I trust your Sunday and Monday will both be awesome. I will be there in your dreams, as you will be in mine. Until tomorrow, remember, it's disgusting how much I love you.


havah said...

Beautiful photo at the top, and I like the Awesome page. Glad to hear your daughter's getting better. And cute brother has one just like it.

Have a good Labor Day weekend.

logankstewart said...

I feel only a poem can be an appropriate response:

Dave, or llama-king,
where is the song
that plays along
with this postlike thing?
Poetry, puppies and baseball, too
oh Dave, what e'er we gonna do?

That triple-play was pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny that the baseball fan in the stands had to say "heads-up" to the professional players on the field!

Abbie said...

I liked those clips dave! Very very cool. Especially the solo triple play, that was awesome! That tiny dog is totally adorable too. I love going on the stairs and getting to the top(or bottom) before the lazy escalator peeps, LOL :)
Logan, I like your rebuttal poem, lol!

QUOTES! (come on Bob, don't give up!)
it's disgusting how much I love you = Panic Room
I will be there in your dreams, as you will be in mine = Anna and the King
Come on! You've seen Dog Day Afternoon! You're stalling! = Inside Man
Your Having Sent This Announcement All Over the World May Well Constitute a Breach of National Security = Contract

David Wagner said...

Uh oh, Logan... I sense a Battle of the Poets coming on... MUAHAHAHA!!!!

20 points for Abbie on the quotes!

Remember, if anyone can detect the theme that ties the quotes together, they get an extra 10 points...

havah said...

Jody Foster

David Wagner said...

10 Theme points for Havah!

Paula Titus said...

Good to hear eldest daughter is on the mend, nothing worries me like when my kid is sick.

The little dog is so adorable! A friend has a wiener dog and dresses him up in a "hotdog bun" costume every year for Halloween.