Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mmm, This Fruit Paste is Delicious! And the Pottery is Lovely...

"Alas, to no avail," or "A lass to Noah Vale," which one?

Ah, 'twas a great Saturday today! I am currently suffering from Possible Entertainment Overload, which is always a good thing... Lemme give you the run-down.

  • Scribblenauts finally arrived today.
  • My new PC Gamer magazine arrived today as well.
  • I went to the bookstore and bought Book 2 and Book 3 of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy today (since I'm nearly done with Book 1).
  • I have Frost/Nixon and disc one of Generation Kill on my desk, from Netflix.
  • A buttload of PC games installed and calling my name.
  • Some new blogs and websites that need browsing.
  • About 150 titles in my Netflix Watch Instantly queue

DANG! I am only one man! I cannot do all of that at once! That doesn't even include the things that aren't necessarily entertainment-related, but are more obligation-related, including the camp slideshow, book covers for Rebekah (one down, three to go) and website stuff. Life is good. The era of yes has begun! All this fun stuff to do, a great family, a great house, steady work, food in the kitchen, everyone's in good health... somebody pinch me!

There, that's my daily ration of treacly optimism. I shall move on...

Here's a couple new blogs I feel like mentioning.

Kyusi Reader

The first is called Kyusi Reader, a book-related site out of Manila, by a chap named Peter, who just happens to be a recently-joined "follower" here! I noticed my follower list has grown to 18, and wanted to find out a bit about the newest ones. Peter is laid-back and writes well and loves books... plus, he has a really cool bookshelf widget that I might add here, too... click the mini-screen cap to go to the blog...

Ramblings of the Bearded One

The second blog is called Ramblings of the Bearded One, run by a chap out of Scotland named Kim Ayers, who I found through the "Blogs of Note" feature built into eBlogger here. They recommend a new blog every day, and his was recommended, much to his surprise, a few days ago. He seems a little flustered by the sudden influx of new readers to his blog - I'd probably feel that way too. Anyway, I loved the name of the blog, so I clicked through. He has a clean, effective writing style, and a great post today.


I love trolling for new blogs, especially ones that update frequently. In fact, just about everyone on my follower list has a blog! Hey, y'all! Update more! In fact, here's a link dump (in no particular order)... maybe being called out here will help some of you get past your writer's block and ramble a while...

Crystal's Blog: The Crystal Perspective
Shellie's Blog: Layers of Thought
Logan's Blog: Rememorandum
Krista's Blog: Life or Something Like It
Paula's Blog: My Writeful Place
Dave-O's Blog: The Start of the End, or the End of a Start
Marky's Blog: The Life and Times of Me
Deb's Blog: Deb's Weblog
Claudette's Blog: Life... Under Construction
Havah's Blog: Havanesque
Josh's Blog:
Raoul's Blog: Watch Us Eat

Write anything! I'll read it! Some of you haven't updated in so long, you should be ashamed of yourselves! Deb! Seriously! 2005 was your last post!? Holy macaroni! Marky and Dave-O have disappeared... two of my favorites... Havah is writing frequently, though, and she's a pro! Josh's site is down, under construction. Crystal, Shellie and Krista's blogs are all book-related, which is always fun. Logan covers books and lots of other stuff, too, which is fun also. Paula is awesome... nuff said. Claudette's blog is mellow and quaint, which usually hits the spot. Raoul's taking a break as well...

I would have posted Vye's and Shannon's blog links, but I know they prefer their anonymity, and I respect that. I'll try and track down Tim's blog... Now if I can just get the rest of you to start blogs, all will be well! Mom, Bob, Abbie, Grace, Joseph, Rebekah, John... great, now I started naming people... now if I forget to name someone, I'll have caused unnecessary offense! What a fool I am! Help! Help!!!1!!

I better shift gears... Ah, I know! A-- oops... sorry, wrong pocket. Ah, here we go! A funny picture!

Ah, nothing softens a crowd like a lolcat pic... man, you guys are easy...

I was at the bookstore today, as I mentioned earlier, intoxicated by that "bookstore smell" that permeates the place, walking around in a half-daze, forcing myself to focus so I won't take too long browsing. (drowse and browse, I call it)... I wander over to the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section, looking for the next Mistborn book, since I guarantee I'm going to want to read more - and quickly - once Book One is done. I spot Sanderson's depressingly small section on the shelf... 2 copies of the first book, and a single copy of Mistborn 2, and that's it. OK, well, that's fortunate, in a way, since book 2 was my goal, but I still would have liked to have looked at his other titles...

So I grab the book and go to walk away... but I don't. I stand there, looking at the spot where I took the book from, hoping I can somehow make Book 3 magically appear there as well. Nope, I have what I came for... so why am I still standing there? I don't know. I finally start moving - but in the opposite direction, away from the front counter, deeper into the Fantasy Section. Over two more shelves, in the W's now... and what do I see misfiled in the W's? Yup, Mistborn Book 3.


Odd that! Ah, it's the little (itty bitty) things that often give us joy. So there was a reason I didn't shuffle away after all!

Hmm... that story seemed more interesting in my head than it actually turned out to be. My apologies. Hey, sometimes you don't know until you try, right? Am I right? Some ideas sound great in theory, right? Like chugging that half-gallon of buttermilk before checking the date on the carton, right? Like passing wind on my wife's toothbrush... sounds like a great idea, right? Like putting on a Coldplay CD and dancing around the livingroom wearing nothing but boxer shorts on my head next to the big picture window with the drapes wide open... sounds like a great idea in theory, right? Like doing a backflip off the rooftop into the pool, right?

Talk about a deathwish... no room for error on that one. There's a fine line between awesome video and snuff clip. It's ok! I'm a limo driver!

Oh, come on... you KNOW I have to end it here for today. Gotta save some inane babble for tomorrow... besides, too much Dave is not good for you. It upsets the stomach, leading to gas... and as much as I enjoy my gas, I can't assume you all feel the same about yours... so I shall stop here.

Until tomorrow, remember: Lovely party... pity I wasn't invited.


Peter S. said...

Hi, David! Thanks for the plug! I'll check out some of the blogs you've mentioned as well.

Krista said...

I think that story about you finding the second Mistborn book was awesome! That's like some kind of call, right? LOL! Thanks for the mention( I have been busy and I really do need to update my blog, yikes!) and some of those blogs are new to me so I'll have to check'em out....

Cool video!

Krista said...

"It's ok! I'm a limo driver!"- Dumb and Dumber

"Lovely party... pity I wasn't invited."- Ace Ventura

"The era of yes has begun!" _ Oh, I know this one- Yes, Man!
I should get like extra points for the ones I don't have to look up, eh? LOL!

Krista said...

Hey, is the Theme Jim Carrey movies?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave...nothing like taking Ed to the bookstore with you..thats how I buy my books..."lovely party...pity I wasn't invited" is from the story of my life..part 1..have fun with all your 'toys'..Kateb15

David Wagner said...

15 movie quote points for Krista, and another 10 for the theme! Good work...

Hey, mom, if I ever throw a party, you're invited!

logankstewart said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out, and for the links. I, too, remember when the bearded wonder from Scotland would update. And also that Cap'n chap from Australia. It's amazing, really, how much of it traces back to Pat Rothfuss and his blog.

As soon as I finished the Mistborn books I bought Elantris to read. It was great, and left me wanting more. I have Warbreaker sitting on my shelf, just no time to read it yet.

Paula Titus said...

Very cool book story. Something like that happened to me the other day, I had ran to three different stores looking for a particular book to no avail. At the third store, having gave up looking, my phone rang. As I stood there chatting and staring blankly at the shelves, the book I wanted suddenly popped into view. Yeah - it was there all along but I didn't even see it. Weird. Or maybe I have blonde roots.

Thanks again for the plug. :) I can't seem to blog much of anything lately, but will certainly do so when I can. Also looking forward to checking out some you've listed. Thanks!

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Hey you aren't getting my posts... I have one almost every day except for the weekends.... let me know perhaps the feed reader is not working....

havah said...


"Mmm, this fruit paste is delicious, and the pottery is lovely." -- Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

"Sorry, wrong pocket" -- The Mask

David Wagner said...

10 more points for Havah!

Anonymous said...

What phrase... super, a brilliant idea