Monday, January 18, 2010

What is Man, That You Are Mindful of Him? (Psalm 8:4)

Let the rain begin!

So, Southern California is slated to get some Biblical-level rain for the next 10 days... I rather like the rain, myself... of course, it has its drawbacks.

Work-related minus: Not exactly great rug-drying weather... slow turn-around times, plus limited indoor space.
Work-related plus: The odds are we'll get a lot of flood orders in, which will help to counter our traditionally slow February.

So that's a mixed blessing there.

Personal plus: I love the rain, sorry. I love the sound of it through a slightly open window. I love to hear it draining through the rain gutters outside. I love when it roars on the roof. I love thunder and lightning, though I don't think we'll be getting any of that this time around.
Personal minus: I don't love the sound of water dripping into pans in the kitchen, from the unseen leak that somehow leads to the ceiling lights. I hate the ants that take refuge inside our house when it rains.

Also, in San Diego, when it rains, people freak out on the road, and there are crashes everywhere. So slow traffic is to be expected. On the plus side, we'll get our lake back! Yay! I should have taken a "before" picture of the lake... maybe I can sneak one in on Monday. Then I'll take an "after" in 2 weeks for comparison's sake. Should probably get a before/after over by the dam as well...

I wonder what would have happened if the Chargers had won today? I mean, if the next playoff game would have been in San Diego, the field would have been a total chocolate mess next Sunday. So maybe it's good that they lost today!

On a side note, I'm not too moved by the Charger loss, really. It's nice that they did well this year. I didn't watch the game today, but even if I would have, I get more pleasure out of great football, regardless of the teams or the victor, than I do out of pulling for a particular team. I've been an uber-fan before, and that's nothing but heartache. I get plenty of that in my day-to-day life, I don't need to add more, thanks.

You have to check THIS OUT. It's a link to an article about the sounds that ice sheets make on a frozen lake as they shift around. It literally sounds like a blaster fight in a Star Wars film, only cooler! Pew pew pew pew! It's actually far cooler than I can describe. If I knew how to embed the audio player, I'd do it here...

I went to church tonight! And I took my camera! "Why?" you may ask? Well, I don't know, really. I occasionally take my camera and snap random pics at church, since you never know who might not ever be there again. I learned that from my brother Bryan. One week he was there, as usual, the next week he was gone. If I'd known, I would have snapped more pics of him while I had the chance. Kind of morbid, I know... but it also (obviously) captures a particular moment of time in people's lives, which is also a decent reason to snap a few pics...

Rebecca, Hadassah and Lloyd! Hadassah forgot her Bible, but at least she remembered her Algebra 2!

I told Yanni I'd call this shot "Yanni Just Took a Whiz"... well, because he'd just returned from the restroom, that's why!

Laythe is preparing to give himself a haircut...

Pastor Stan and Yours Truly. Look how long my beard is again! It looks like a goatee, but it isn't... you just can't see the jawline fuzz, cuz my hoodie's in the way...

Rebekah, Chris and Abbie. I don't have a witty comment here, sorry. Too stunned by all that beauty!

Shannon! That's Benny and Lloyd in the background... I thought Shannon was going to hit me with her purse for taking her picture, but I got away unharmed! MUAHAHAH!!!!

On a related note, my dad came by on Thursday afternoon, and we had a great, long chat. Plus, he brought back my guitar! He took it to restring it a few weeks back, and brought it back. It sounds awesome.

It's an old Fender acoustic - it's older than I am, actually... which puts it at 40+ years old... I'd have to get the exact data from dad, sorry. Anyway, I played the heck out of it years ago, when Dad first taught me to play. Wrote a bunch of songs on it - over 30 songs, almost all scripture songs. A couple of them we sing occasionally during our worship service. Anyway, then, as is my unfortunate custom, one day I just stopped playing, and have barely touched the thing since. I've played it more since I got it back on Thursday than I have the past 2 years together...

There's a close-up of the neck, just to prove that it really is a Fender! You know how prone I am to lying about guitars...

OK, well, thanks for your patience as I inundate this post with pictures... I hope your week is a good one.


PS I added a link to Rebecca's blog in the sidebar on the right... it's the one called My Heart's Truth Still Sings. Check it out and drop a comment, if you get a chance. Welcome her to the blog world!


logankstewart said...

I love the rain, too, Dave. It's what my major was all about, after all, and it's soothing. Good weather for introspection.

That guitar looks pretty sweet. And aged, too. Make sure you keep playing. It feels great, and it's good for introspection, too.

Avari said...

Wow Dave I loved this post. Everyone looks so happy. Why? haha anyway, the rain has a lot of pluses and minuses for me too but I'm afraid the minuses definitely outweigh the pluses. Anyway, it should be an interesting week at the least right? With a little change from the norm. You guys are on a hill so you shouldn't have any flood problems right?

That's amazing how old your guitar is. WOw, it's an antique.

Rebecca said...

I had the same thought about the Chargers too Dave. Maybe it all for the best...but there sure were some dissapointed San Diegiens yesterday and Sunday. LOL.

I like the rain of San Diego. It's beautiful and much needed. Everything smells so good...and then it's gone. Welcome back beautiful sun. If it was rainy or overcast for more then 3 days I might develop mental issues.

Krista said...

Cool thoughts on football... My favorite team is Miami and they aren't in it anymore so now I just go for whatever team I like... It’s also fun to bet (no money, just fun banter) against a die-hard fan! LOL. It makes the game that much better win or lose.

Sorry to hear about your brother. Love the pictures- solid moments to remember. the guitar looks cool, too. I've always wanted to learn to play just never did- always my favorite instrument.

Abigail said...

Dave! keep playing your guitar and writing songs! I love scripture songs, because it is fun to be reading the bible, and then suddenly realize that we sing those verses in church!! so write on! And those are good pictures, all of them. Thanks for doing that :)