Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Now-Legendary Camp Slideshow

Here's the camp slideshow, in case you wanted to see a bit of the infamous project that took so long to create... It's about 17 minutes long, so beware!



Avari said...

The long awaited! Good job Dave and thanks for putting it together. There were some cool videos in between the pictures.

Haha, dude the video of you playing paintball... you walked in like you owned the place, haha like you were invincible. That's hilarious.

ahhh I hate those three pics. I'm like yeah I'm gonna get him and then I slip and then I fall. FAIL.

Man Yanni jumps awesomely high. He'd make a great ballerina aye?

Crystal said...

Nice job, Dave!

Krista said...

Really cool, Dave!

I commented on two other posts on this page, too :)

Abigail said...

but dave, you always do an amazing job, which is why we always want you to be in charge of it!
And I agree with Shannon, the video mixed in is really good!
And you did totally own that field lol.

Rebekah said...

Great video Dave! Thanks for putting it togehter. I had forgotten a lot of camp.

Yer awesome!

Rebecca said...

Looks great Dave! Good job. I couldn't see all of it because it kept getting hung up half way through the show, but I'll finish it later.

Rebecca said...

Ummm...spam. At least it wasn't nasty.