Friday, October 23, 2009

Your Patience is Appreciated

Quick post for now: Blogger crashed last night, and it ate my post. I spent the 2+ hours crafting today's post, hit "Publish" and got a bizarre error message. Post destroyed. It was late, I was bummed, and the error messages continued until I went to bed. In fact, any blogspot blog I tried to pull up gave an error message, so I called it a night.

Thanks for your patience! I'll have a "real" blog post up again soon...


EDIT: Hey, good news! There was an auto-save that salvaged most of yesterday's post! Unfortunately, it was right before I started looking for the quotes, so I have a movie-quoteless post archived, and no time to find them again... I have to get ready and go into the shop. Check back soon, Krista and Bob! It will happen!


Bob said...

I'm going out tonight, so don't wait up ;)

Abbie said...

aww, bummer it was so tempermental on you Dave. Glad it saved it for you though!! I learned from Reb that she is the innkeeper in your book. Now i REALLY can't wait to read your book!!! You can do it!!

Krista said...

Glad it saved it for you, Dave! I've gotta beat Bob, 'cause I'm sure by the time the bologna got to him it'd taste wonderful!

Bobo, you have a fun night out... I think I'll join ya! :) But you know I'll be back when I get home to grab some quotes...;)

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

David -
Aren't you using windows live writer yet?
I do not think you will have this problem with it....
Microsoft has it for free!
Good luck.

Anonymous said...


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