Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do You Mean You Couldn't Love Me if I Had a Different Name?

Let us begin!

My Thursday, Broken Down Into A List of Bullet Points:
  • Got up later than I care to admit
  • Shower
  • Energy Drink & PBJ lunch
  • Newsletter Dregs
  • Webwork
  • Spam deleting
  • Disappointing book
  • Lack of exercise
  • General Time-wastedness
  • Great dinner
  • Animation
  • Apple & string cheese
  • More disappointing book
  • Blogging

There you go. That's the gist of it, so if you're in a hurry, you can go now. What follows will merely be an elaboration... no, it's ok, I understand... I'll see you tomorrow, it's all good...


OK, are they gone? Good, it's just us cool people left! Now we can talk about the good stuff! The juicy gossip, the salacious tidbits, the embarrassing personal revelations, the secret things that all those boring, unfun readers are unworthy of! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Of course, I may inadvertently reveal personal information about you as well. Hey, I'm not exactly known for my restraint and decorum, you know... who can blame me, with all of this caffeine coursing through my veins? When I get this jittery, I tend to speak first and think later! But break my heart, for I must hold my tongue! So if you don't think you can handle it, you better leave now... no, it's ok, I understand... I'll see you tomorrow, it's all good...


OK, are they gone now too? Good, it's just the elite, supercool hipsters and avant garde remaining. The culturally precocious and intellectual heavy-weights! Now we can REALLY get down to business! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Here's something that will stimulate your intellect and tickle your fancy...

No, it's ok, I understand... I'll see you tomorrow, it's all good...


OK, are they gone? Good, they're too stuffy and superior for my tastes anyway....

So... how's it going, mom?


Thursday came and went; funny the way that works, eh? I mean, time just keeps plowing on ahead, eh! I mean, the sun comes up and it goes right back down again! Go figure! But you know what? That's OK by me!

Crap, I have popcorn between my teeth.

What was I saying?

Got my copy of Looking for Calvin & Hobbes in the mail today, greedily tore it open, with a quick apology thrown to The Hero of Ages sitting over by the couch, giggled like a schoolboy and dove in. I'm about 100 pages in... ok, hang on... picture yourself really hungry... now picture an awesome rib-eye steak, grilled to perfection... picturing it? OK, now here, scratch-n-sniff this next image...
OK, you smell that rice cake? That's the scent of my disappointment. Ever since I heard of this book back in June (or so), I've been counting the days until it got here! I've always been a huge CAH fan, and to get a book about the strips' enigmatic and reclusive creator (Bill Watterson) seemed like my kind of wonderful. Now that it's here, and I've made a good dent into it, I have to say, the writer is a hack. A straight-up hack! This is a generic biography, devoid of any sort of meaningful personal touch. Since Watterson didn't have anything to do with the book, not granting a single interview, the author has to rely on second- and third-hand info, as well as quoting interviews that Watterson has done in the past with other people. In fact, he draws quite heavily on the intro's that Watterson wrote himself to the Essential and 10 Year Anniversary collections, which any fan has already read! It is a striaght-up generic, bland biography, and now I feel twice as bad for putting Sanderson on hold to read it.

Just for kicks, picture a steak again, and go scratch-n-sniff the rice cake one more time.... that rice cake image still has the "istockphoto" watermark on it - that makes it doubly-sad...

OK, Funny T-shirt time...

Come on, that's funny... you gotta give me that one... we live in an age of great dictators...

I had a cool idea today; one that will likely not get past the idea stage, but it's fun to think about nonetheless... I'd like to start a new community blog, and allow all y'all the ability to log in and post stuff. It'd be like a more elaborate forum, I guess... a virtual clubhouse, in a way. I just love the idea of everyone contributing to something cool, that we could all take a little bit of pride in building/owning... it would give you an outlet to occasionally express something if you wanted, without having the pressure of maintaining your own blogs... it would give those of us that blog regularly another forum, to either talk about stuff that doesn't quite fit on your own blog, or another venue to plug what you are doing on the other blog. Find something cool online you want to share? Log in and post.

I just think it would be cool... it could prove to be the source of many unforeseen problems, but I'd be willing to risk that. Don't really know what the general theme would be, or even if any of you all would be interested. Just an idea. The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.


Dang... I bet that guy was seeing spots for about a half-hour after bombing that photo.

I tinkered with that animation software today. Made a funny little 30-second clip. Once I figure out how to export it with the sound, in a format that the blog will accept, I'll post it up here. In the mean time, I'll be adding to it. Fun fun fun. I've always wanted to learn animation...

Random Conclusions: I've decided Andrew Zimmern is a dork. I've decided Steven Colbert is the funniest person on earth. I've decided that Brandon Sanderson is now my third-favorite author. I've decided that I should create a page on my website for my book reviews. I've decided that Glen Beck is a giant d-bag. I've decided that I'm not too old to ride a skateboard. I've decided that 'supernova' is an awesome word. I've decided that death by firing squad is preferable to the gallows, the guillotine and being burned at the stake.

Todayve in History: October 9
- October 9, 1888: The Washington Monument officially opens to the public. (Hey, I thought we said no Disney jokes...)

- October 9, 1940: St. Paul's Cathedral in London is hit by a bomb during the Battle of Britain. (Nobody can find their way around London - not even Londoners.)

- October 9, 1967: Che Guevara is executed. (One tires of being executed...)

- October 9, 1986: First performance of The Phantom of the Opera, in London. (Where have they this mettle? Is not their climate foggy, raw and dull?)

- October 9, 1999: Last flight of the SR-71. (It's an animal thing...)

I have nothing left to add today... all has been said. Once again, the pleasure was all yours. I shall now embark on a quest to find movie quotes. Squish me luck...

Until tomorrow, remember, I have the utmost respect for your nerves. They've been my constant companion these twenty years...


Bob said...

Title is from The Importance of Being Earnest and the last two sentences are from Pride and Prejudice

Bob said...

"But break my heart, for I must hold my tongue" is from Hamlet

havah said...

Gorgeous photo at the top.

Oh, hey, you did more than I did today! Go, Dave!! :D

*lol* I like the kitty in the snow. He looks mad.

Great steak/rice cake analogy! *lol* I hate it when that happens. Like with movies. Or tourist attractions. Or members of the opposite gender. Well, sometimes. :D

The community blog forum is a cool idea, but I'm so slack! :(

Interesting "death by" comments. I notice you didn't include the Iron Maiden, or the rack. I think I concur with your conclusion, although personally I just want to die peacefully in the middle of a really nice dream. o_O

Okay, I did some quotes because I curious about the 'harder' theme you promised. :D


"we live in an age of great dictators" - Tea With Mussolini

"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." -- Tomorrow Never Dies

"One tires of being executed" -- The World is Not Enough

And the theme is.....Judi Dench :) I love character actors/actresses.

Krista said...

"Nobody can find their way around London - not even Londoners"--84 Charing Cross Road

"Where have they this mettle? Is not their climate foggy, raw and dull?" Henry V

"Hey, I thought we said no Disney jokes..." Doogal

Yay! I got three quotes today if there right, of course! Woot!Woot! LOL!


It's nice to see Sanderson is in your top favorite authors as he should be. :)

I think having a community, so to speak, blog would be cool! I've seen a few blogs where they have a few members. I don't think there'd be too many problems. Besides maybe figuring out what to write about...

Melissa (My World) said...

I love the rib-eye steak and rice cake disappointment comparison to the book. That is awesome! I can feel your pain on that one. To go from rib-eye grilled perfectly (making my mouth water) to rice cakes (yuck), my heart sank for you. That book must have really been bad for that comparison.

But I am excited to see that Brandon Sanderson has made your top 3 authors. He is soooo awesome with his writing and magic. I love his books. You will have to try Warbreaker if you haven't already. Great! And I cant wait for his new series to come out.

Okay, hold on. I think the caffeine is taking over. I need to take as deep breath and slow down. Sorry.

Okay, love the cat picture too.

Well, have a great day!

logankstewart said...

Dang crappit. You mean the elusive Watterson didn't even endorse the biography? (I can't say I'm surprised.) And the book's disappointing? Dang. Crappit.

Community blog sounds interesting. The logistics behind it may be tough, as surely there must be some sort of cohesion, no?

And, not sure if it was intended, but the funny t-shirt is from Highlander. And it's funny.

Crystal said...

Wow! Slim pickings on the quotes today!

"It's an animal thing" - The Chronicles of Riddick

Do we get points for pointing out spelling errors? :)

I like your Random Conclusions. Here are my thoughts on them:

I agree on Andrew Zimmern.

The jury is still out on Brandon Sanderson for me. Note to self -Read Mistborn

Excited about your review page.

Supernova is an awesome word.

I agree on your preferred methods of death, but I'm disturbed that I have a preference.

abbie said...

lol, good post dave :) I think i agree with your order of executions, but you forgot torture... I think I want that one last indeed :P
How's the camp slide show coming along???? :D :D Coming soon to a theater near me, right? lol, good luck!

David Wagner said...

15 points for Bob!

15 points for Havah for the quotes, and 10 for the theme! I thought mixing in animation, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and James Bond would be enough of a mix to throw the scent off Dench, but I guess not... I'll have to try again tonight!

15 points for Krista!

5 Caffeine points for Melissa!

5 points for Crystal!

Abbie: I'm trying, I'm trying... you ever sit down to sift through several hundred paintball pictures? HELP! Part of me just wants to grab the first few and ditch the rest, but the perfectionist in me won't rest until I have studied each one and culled out the very best ones...

Still chewing on the community blog thing... I'll let you all know if I come up with a good idea for a structure.

Abbie said...

lol Dave, yeah, I know! I can believe it... I saw all of leah's too... at least she has an artistic side to her so some of them are cool lol :) Good luck though!! Thanks for stickin with it though :)

Joseph said...

I'm glad you've seen the light about Zimmerman.