Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'Silly Bus' or 'Syllabus,' You Decide...

Mediocrity. Mediochre. Ichor. Igor. Gore. Vidal. Soon. There is no spoon.

Hello. A little free-association word progression there to open things.

Open Things: envelopes. drawers. hearts. mouths. seasons. presents.

Feeling a little off-kilter about the blog of late. Oh, don't worry, I'm not quitting (again). Just feeling a little samey. Still the same basic structure, post to post, since the first post several years ago. This is post 699. Do I get a prize for reaching 700?

Movies with numbers in the titles (from memory (not counting sequels)): 300, 50/50, Seven, 13 Monkeys, 61*, 42, 21 Jump Street, Three Stooges.

Do people come here because of the way the posts are structured/presented? Do they come here for the funny pictures? Why do people come here? I get an average of 150 people visiting the blog every day, sometimes as many as 300... Why do you come here? If I changed things up, as far as content and/or approach, would you stop coming? What is it about this blog that draws your occasional interest? It certainly can't be because of my dazzling personality and/or stunning good looks... if I chucked everything and did something WAY different for my 700th post, would it bother you in the least?

Favorite WWE Finishing Moves: The Stunner. The Pedigree. The Last Ride. The F-5. 5-Star Frog Splash.

Shiny peaches. Glass fruit. Bas Rutten. Puttin' on the Ritz. Vodka. Screwdriver. Scuba diver. Diversity.

Reading, writing, acting, playing, persevering, succeeding. That about sums up how my life's been lately. It's a good time, all things considered. If I really stopped to think about it, I *may* be able to come up with something to complain about. But I'm not going to. Things are cruisin' along. I have the top down and I'm enjoying the ride.

Trying not to look down.

Frightening. Invigorating. Rejuvenating. Enervating. Corresponding.

I spelled every one of those words incorrectly the first time...

Bought a collection of Little Rascals shorts to watch with Youngest. I was initially concerned that she wouldn't like them... some of the cartoons and shows and movies she likes to watch regularly are so different from the Little Rascals. I didn't need to worry. She laughed right along with me. Good stuff. Though surprisingly politically incorrect, as far as some racial issues. Didn't remember that.

Friend of the Blog Logan (over at Rememorandom) and his wife had their second child recently. A son. Congrats to Logan. I'm happy for him.

A remote house on a remote island somewhere off the Icelandic coast. Talk about getting away from it all. I bet the internet connection there is lousy...

Books: The Spirit Eater (Rachel Aaron), The Mysterious Island (Jules Verne). Movies: Safety Not Guaranteed, The Last Rights of Joe May, You Don't Know Bo. Music: Modest Mouse, Random FM. Games: Minecraft, Fallout 3. YouTube Channels: SirPsychoFlea, CUNYtv75. Things Are Looking: Up and up.

I wish I had the nerve to try this next time I went to Target... click to enlarge...

I don't know... changing the blog content/presentation? I'm not sure I know anything else to do/say... This is sort of "my bag"... mildly amusing pics and videos, personal references and anecdotes, and occasional bits of theology and book reviews... However, I can't help but feel I need to shake things up a bit around here.

I'll chew on it and see what comes of it.

Adios for now. Or not. or knot. tied in knots. tongue tied. loose lips. Pringles. Anyone for tennis?



David Wagner said...

Comments... calm mints.... comma meant... mint chocolate chip ice cream... yes, please!

logankstewart said...

This was almost like poetry.

You forgot the Scorpion Deathlock and the Diamondcutter. Those are totally worthy contenders.


Dare to defend her.

I'll wear suspenders.

Not a salt-n-pepper but a ginger.

What a cliffhanger episode of the Dave blog. What will happen with episode 700? Tune in to find out, I suppose. Maybe a treatise on the pros and cons of Duck Dynasty? Perhaps a dissertation on various types of salts? Or what about 700 individual hi-res jpegs of lolcats?

Anonymous said...

We come because we love you and your whacky ways, Goofus. :D

I've been without internet for a while, but I didn't have that house on that great island, unfortunately. Just backwoods Georgia.

Waiting for #700. So cool to think I've been here from the start. It's like I accomplished something vicariously. Oooh.

David Wagner said...

Logan: Uh oh... pressure's on, then, for post 700.... I better crank out a new comic, or maybe a video blog or something... Duck Dynasty, lol....

Havah: Last night, after writing this post, I spent about an hour reading through the first month's posts in the blog archive. You have, indeed, been there from the beginning, great comments. Thank you, O faithful friend!

Michelle said...

Change the format any way you like. People read your blog because it's fun. Your personality shines through your words. It's like having a conversation with your best friend :)