Saturday, March 2, 2013

Man, These Brooms Are Sweeping the Nation!

A bit over-saturated, but impactful nonetheless, I'd say. Except there's a red line under the word "impactful" in my editor window... isn't that a real word? It isn't giving me any alternative spellings... well, I guess I made it up, eh! A Wagner Original! I'll add it to my list, alongside such classics as "despision" and "cloopsie"...

Had the memorial service for my step-mother Linda today. It was not without its glitches, technical and otherwise, but overall I'd say it turned out well. It's good to see my dad again. In fact, on Thursday I got to see my dad and my step-dad both at the same time... may not seem odd, but I haven't seen either since the holidays, and I can't remember the last time they were both in the same room together, interacting. They were both in town and both stopped by for various reasons... a happy (somewhat surreal) coincidence. They get along, don't get me wrong... it's just odd, in that whole "two worlds collide" kind of way.

Kind of like Facebook, really. On my friends list, I have family members, friends from high school, from church, from online, from here and there... and sometimes a person will comment on a status update, and someone else from a different group comments, and then two or more people from these radically different segments of my history start up a conversation together... it's one of those super-odd moments, natch?

Speaking of spherical animals...

Saw that on Bits and Pieces recently. Awesome.

So I got my brother's Subaru detailed on Friday... I know he gave it to me, so the car is mine, but I can't stop thinking of it as John's car. Anyway, it looks like a million bucks...

Snazzy, eh? Got it detailed because I'm going to sell it... and then, Blog Pizza Party for everybody!!!! On me!

Gonna leave this week (with mom, sister and stepdad) to head out to Chicago, to attend my brother John's graduation from Navy boot camp. I was in Chicago only once before - on our marathon return flight from Belfast Ireland back in 2001. It stopped in Chicago and we changed planes for the 4.5 hr trip to San Diego. If memory serves, those felt like the longest hours of my life. So all I got to see of Chicago was the airport. This time around I'll have plenty of time to get stabbed and have my luggage stolen! Can't wait!

I'm kidding. My mom and I get along fine... she doesn't threaten to stab me anymore.... and if she stole my luggage, she'd be surprised to find it full of beef jerky in any case....

Currently Reading: Dodger, by Terry Pratchett
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That's it for now, methinks.

Adios for now,

Dave the Poltroon


Anonymous said...

Accidental Pun Alert:...and if she stole my luggage, she'd be surprised to find it full of beef jerky "in any case".....I LOVE ACCIDENTAL PUNS :)


Abbie Josephsen said...

He is graduating already?!?! oh wow! Crazy that it went by so fast! Good job John!!!! love the McDonald-bloated animals movie :)

Anonymous said...

no, I wouldn't be surprised at all..but really..stabbed?? know my weapon of choice is guilt..mom15......PS..sorry about the too many dads thing..and the childhood confusion..but look at what a great sense of humor you have're welcome...

David Wagner said...

Beth: Doh! It really was accidental. Good catch. You get 5 Internet Points.

Abbie: Yep, graduation time. We get to wade out in the snow and wind to watch him graduate. He is, as they say, The Man.

Mom: Hey, I can't complain... some kids have no dad! I had two! So far... MUAHAHAHA!!!