Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Got Some Flotsam. Go Get Some Jetsam!

"That photograph is really something," Said Dave, doing his best Winnie-the-Pooh voice. "The clouds seem all soft and fluffy, and the little village is peeking out."

"It's probably photoshopped," said Eeyore carelessly. But Dave the Pooh wasn't listening, being a Dave of Very Little Brain. He was wondering again how many pots of Starbucks honey he had at home. "Was it eleven, or was it twelve?" he asked, scratching the end of his nose. "I can never quite recall..."

"Besides," Eeyore continued, "It's probably cold and miserable and whatnot in that little village." He paused for a moment. "You're right, Pooh. I like it."

But Dave was wandering off, crafting a perfectly fun little hum in his brain...
This post is dumb,
Yet it is fun,
It's almost one,
In the morning. 
But if I stay,
And share my day,
You'll browse away,
Without a warning.


So my head cold is returning. Which is a far larger bummer than usual, since I just found out on Friday that I got the part of Mr. Bingley in the Five-Minute Classics episode of Pride and Prejudice that I auditioned for. I need to record my lines of dialog by the 10th of December. Whenever I get congested, it takes about a week to clear up... and in the interim it messes with the sound of my voice. I felt fine Saturday, got the script in the email, and decided I'd record Sunday afternoon (which, as I write this, is tomorrow). And a couple hours ago, I felt the head cold settling back in. Crap!

Well, what can one do, but one's best?


So I finally ordered new glasses today. It's a relief, because I feel like a llama wearing my broken, one-armed pair, especially in public. They sit all crooked on my face, and I'm always reaching up to straighten them out, like when I'm ordering at Starbucks or such. O the trauma and embarrassment! How shall I ever recover!? Why did I wait so long, you may ask? Didn't want to spend the dough. Yeah, I'm getting more and more cheap as I age.

So I finally put the rest of the Wagnervana comics up on the comic page of this blog. Go on! Go back and read them all again, and marvel at the sheer number of mindless fart jokes on display! Yep, I only go for the highest of highbrow humor in my webcomic. Yep. Classy. That's me.

Earlier this month, Kuwait celebrated the 50th anniversary of its existence by putting on the largest fireworks display of all time (according to Guinness anyway). $15 million bucks worth. These photos are terrific - click them and look at them big.

These are AP photos, so I hope I don't get in trouble for posting them (I don't benefit financially in any way from this blog, lol). The photos are flat-out amazing. That must have been something to see in person.

So I went and saw the movie Wreck-It Ralph with the fam last week. It was excellent. What a visual feast. Fun, funny and highly-polished. If you haven't seen it and get the chance, by all means, check it out.

In case you were wondering about the potentially "really good news" I threatened to announce a few posts back, it's still up in the air, at this point. I haven't forgotten! Yes, it could be a very big deal indeed, but I don't want to blab it until it firms up a bit more. Sorry to string you along!

Well, I guess I should be running along now. Lemme find one more funny picture, then I'll hit the road...

"Hey, come on over and we'll hang out!"

OK, I'm done.

Davey the Pooh


Anonymous said...

So apparently I've managed to miss about three blog posts, which shouldn't really surprise me since my brain and attached body have all been out of it lately. Oh, well...I am sorry.

Yay! Dave's a voice actor! I think that's uber-cool - more cool than actually acting actually. Wow.

Beautiful fireworks. Truly. I LOVE fireworks. But...Gee...I wonder how many people $15 million would feed...

To bed I head...I will catch up previous blog posts tomorrow. Still pondering starting one of my own again...

Paula Titus said...

Happy to hear you got the part, but I knew you would. :)

David Wagner said...

Havah: I haven't been announcing each new post on Facebook like I usually do, so it's understandable... I'm just so underground now! And I'm not sure fireworks are edible, so likely they wouldn't feed many...

Paula: Your confidence in me is encouraging! I'll name my first Oscar after you, in honor of our friendship...

Anonymous said...

I done blogged.