Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prayers and Infatuations and Awesome People

Odd mood tonight... not sure what that will mean, as far as this post goes. But, hey, life is exciting when it's unpredictable, eh?

I likely won't be my usual goofy self tonight - quite concerned for the sick daughter of a blog regular... quite serious; I've been praying much and much. Frankly, it's a tough prayer... of course, my immediate prayer is for mercy and healing... it is VERY hard for me to keep the idea that 'God knows what He's doing' in mind, so it doesn't taint my prayers. "Lord, what are you doing?!?! Heal this girl! Please!" Like I'm grabbing Him by the lapels and shaking Him or something... "Wake up! There's a dire need here! You have to DO SOMETHING!" As though He isn't perfectly aware of what's going on. So, making my (strong) request known to Him without inadvertently insulting Him in the process... feels like a fine line to walk. I don't know if it's my own insecurity talking, but I keep picturing Him glancing at me out of the corner of His eye, going, "Yeah, yeah, I hear you. Go away now. I'm doing something here that you can't understand; I need to focus."

So, that, plus praying for another friend who let me in on a little secret, which is actually very good news... but this person can't tell family about it, since, against all logic, they will interpret it as bad news, and will dish out crap for it. So when this person should be getting love and support (which is needed), it must instead stay a secret, and this person must press on, basically alone.

I know that's kind of cryptic, sorry. I was told in confidence, so I can't say more. It would make sense to you, if I could elaborate.

Other than that, I'm in good spirits That book I mentioned in the last post, The Riddler's Gift by Greg Hamerton, is VERY good. I'm about half-way through it, and it really has its hooks into me. In many ways, it's fairly traditional epic fantasy, but in many other ways, it is quite unique. But most of all, it is well written, with compelling, rich characters and some killer dialog/action. Expect a review soon.

So, I was thinking about 'celebrity crushes' the other day... do you think they're harmless or not?

Yeah, I know, odd topic, odd segue.

Well, what got me pondering it was this video, which some of you might have seen.

I watched it, and sat transfixed. It's a fun video, he's too cool, she's a dream, and the way they interact... wow. Don't get me wrong, I don't covet Zoe Whatshername... I mean, she's "pretty" and all, and hey, anyone who can play a ukulele scores extra points in my book. What blows me away is the way she looks at him. I found myself thinking, "Man, what I wouldn't give to be on the receiving end of a look like that." They just have ridiculous chemistry between them - something I've never experienced.

Or rather, the appearance of chemistry. Who knows what the "real life" aspect is (they are actors, after all). Pardon me while I delve into familiar waters here, as far as 'the idea of something vs the reality of it.' Trust me, it segues back into the topic nicely. Celebrity crushes. So, all the Wagner Women were in here, we were all watching this clip together. Eldest was pining away for the dude (Joe Levitt), saying, "O marry me! Marry me now!" or some such. It was a cute response, but it got me thinking. I was trying to think if I had any real celebrity crushes growing up... Paula Abdul maybe? Hey, don't laugh... back in the eighties, she was hot stuff! Of course, I was some dorky kid. Even if I met her back then, what would she say? "Hey, cool, a dorky kid! Let's go out to dinner, kid!" Yeah, no... I guess that's the nature of celebrity crushes... maybe they're safe and harmless because nothing could ever come of them...

Look at these Justin Bieber fans posing for a picture with him, trying hard to smile while simultaneously crying...

LOL, omg I laugh every time I see that picture. I'm sorry, it's cruel to laugh, I know... they probably all dreamed about the day when they might be able to meet him... probably daydreaming about how they'd meet, and something would click, and he'd see them and go, "this is the one for me!" and they'd live happily ever after, blah blah blah. The idea didn't quite match up to the reality, lol...

But was/is it harmless? I think people crush on what the celebrity represents, rather than the person themselves. Some place safe to hang your heart for a while, where it won't get destroyed (like "real people" tend to do). I guess all infatuations are based on ideas/symbols. I suppose when the object of the infatuation is a real person in your life, the time will come when you move on it, and get hurt when reality puts the lie to the image you've created. I can't tell you how many times back in high school I finally summoned the nerve to approach a girl - who I'd talked myself into believing liked me too... only to get the old "Uh, yeah, whadaya say we just be friends, m'kay?" speech... then they walk away laughing.... I'm sure you all had that experience as well...

But you'll never get to meet that celebrity, so that pain never comes... eventually, you lose interest and it fades away. So, was it harmless? Was it helpful? Does it serve a good purpose at all? Or is it dangerous/counter-productive at all? Or just childish? I know wifey thinks that Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera is a total dreamboat... doesn't bother me. It's not like she has posters of him on our bedroom wall or something. And I doubt seriously she'd like to meet him in real life (and even if she did, so what? What will happen? They run off together?). I know it's what he represents that she's drawn to. I disappoint/hurt her all the time, whether I want to or not... Gerard Butler will never disappoint/hurt her... the 'idea of him' is like a little safe corner for her heart, where it won't get stepped on... right? Or no?

Bah, I want to go too many places with this conversation, and it's starting to unravel. That's what happens when I don't outline! Anyway, what say you? Harmless? Helpful? Stupid? Childish?

I have to put a ton of money into car repairs soon. The car is paid off; has been for two years now... however, it seems every three of four months, I've got to put a few hundred bucks into some repair or another. And now I have about 1600 bucks worth of new stuff (axles, tires, brakes, CV joints, etc) to do soon. Makes me wonder if I should just put that toward a new car. I mean, if I'm averaging a hundred or two a month in upkeep on a paid-off car, why not just sign up for another set of car payments on a new car that doesn't need fixing? So that's my latest carnundrum.

Did I post this video already?

I mean in an earlier post. I don't think so. Anyway, even if I did, it's worth watching. Good stuff. Some people really are awesome. Others... well... not so much.

So I guess that's that for tonight. Sorry for the pensive/somber vibe. Once I know a certain someone's child is recovering and out of danger, I'll likely be back to my goofy self. Now if you'll pardon me, I have to go find a celebrity to crush on...

Dave the Pensive


Drydoryssus said...

Harmless? Helpful? Stupid? Childish?
Probably all four of them. But results vary depending on the person anyway.

Nice thought development on that subject.

logankstewart said...

The fact that people routinely get so worked up over meeting Bieber (or whoever) that they break down into tears is absurd. I can understand it coming from a soldier who'd been away for a while, or a softhearted college kid who pined for home. But a celebrity? A complete stranger? Bah, ridiculous. They'll (hopefully) laugh about it when they're older.

I'm with Dry. All four, varying on the extremity of the crush. Stalking is bad. Lusting is bad. Stay away from those and I'll shrug.

All the best with the sick daughter and with the cryptic situation, whoever they are.

Anonymous said...

Mary and I are so touched by your prayers and concern, thank you. Still not sure what's going on, but waiting to see what God will do.

Beth the Exhausted

Rug Chick said...

All anyone ever has of anyone they are drawn to is an outline of who that person is... and their brain fills in all of the coloring in between the lines, to become what they believe they perfectly are.

And like anything "perfect"... it does not exist.

People need to become infatuated with the miracles of what's around them right now, because everything outside of their life is just not real.

At least... that's what I've seen. Especially since I've met Paula and other celebs, and none are as they seem - and none are happy, even when they have everything at their fingertips, because just "normal" people, they are striving for a "perfect" image that can never be attained.

Cool video. =)


Michelle said...

In high school I had the biggest crush on Jon Bon Jovi (Hey, it was the 80's...)but, the more interviews I read or saw about him the less enamored I became..he really wasn't the person that I made him out to be in my mind. Fast forward to 2007, and my oldest was so taken with Miley Cyrus. She thought she would be that nice, fun girl she saw on Hannah Montana. We waited in line, in 100 degree heat for over 5 hours so she could meet her and get an autograph. She wasn't even nice, wouldn't speak and didn't look anyone in the face. Needless to say, the Miley fan club stuff was in the trash the next day. It's the real people in our lives that are worth our thoughts and attention.

I will add your friend's daughter to my prayer list, and sincerely hope for healing.

David Wagner said...

Dry: Admit it... who's your crush on?

Logan: Your new Justin Bieber CD is in the mail! Congratulations!

Beth: I'll keep praying. Hang in there.

Lisa: "Filling in the blanks", I agree completely. I think that's why divorce rates are so high (in part)... people find out that enough of the details they filled in are incorrect, and after a certain point, they figure "this is not the person I thought he/she was, I'm out."

Maybe. Who knows, it's a theory anyway...

Michelle: Bummer about the Miley thing... I can't imagine how difficult it is to navigate that level of fame, that young.