Sunday, January 15, 2012

13 Shades of Ennui

Well, hello there! You come around here often? You do? Why?! I mean, look at this place! It's a dump! And it smells funny in here. Doesn't it? Well, if it smells so funny in here, why ain't ya laughin'?

Greetings, and Happy St. Bryan's Day! Dang, 12 years since my brother Bryan died. That punk. Didn't he know we'd all miss him? What the heck! He'd be 38 this year, if he was still roaming the earth. I wonder what he would have accomplished in that time? Married, with children no doubt, traveling, playing golf with Johnny boy... who knows? Gah! The thought of Bryan as a dad, with a toddler son on his shoulders, big goofy smile on his face! That mental picture just took the wind out of me!

Made me think again of the idea of writing your own eulogy... write out what you want to have said at your own funeral, running down all the accomplishments you would like to think you'd do from today to that day... then start living that way now. Use it as a bucket list or something, I don't know. Personally, I'd like to have a couple novels finished, maybe a handful of movies. I'd like to understand, experience and be able to convey important spiritual lessons, and have it be said that God used me to impact people in unexpected and lasting ways. I don't want to be one of those annoying, hypocritical religious people, but one of those people that even skeptics and people hostile to religion would see and say, "that guy gets it. He's doing the God thing like it's supposed to be done."

I'd like to love my wife the way she deserves to be loved, as opposed to the hamstrung, nerfed, method-acting way that I'd been forced to limp along with for a pair of grueling decades. She deserves better.

I'd like to live, and quit hiding in my office.

I'd like to move onto a new topic.

Check out this hilarious Workplace Complaint...

Come on, that's funny.

Not as funny as my Youngest trying to pronounce "Martin Luther King Jr. Day." She says it like this: Marthin Lootner King Jr. Day. Yes, it's a riot. "Mom, do I have to do schoolwork on Marthin Lootner King Jr Day? It's a holiday!"

Yeah, like, you know how people with kids are always talking about all the "funny" little things their precious young ones do and say? And they're always those sort of "you had to be there" kind of things? And you just politely smile and nod and silently hope they move on to a more interesting subject?

Yeah, that sort of thing.

So the Golden Globes were tonight, which means the Oscars are not that far away. Frankly, I didn't see much this year, as far as new films. I believe I saw Thor 3D, 9MM, the new X-men flick, the latest Mission Impossible flick, and, if memory serves, I saw some movie with DeNiro/Statham in it, with my friend Carey... I *barely* remember it... lemme go track down the title... to tide you over, here's a mash-up of the movies of 2011...

Ah, it was called Killer Elite. Meh, must have been forgettable. Oh, and I have a vague, painful memory of taking the wife/kids to see the latest Transformers turd as well. I'm feeling waves of nausea at the recollection of it, so I will change the subject yet again. 6 movies in the theater, I saw! That might be a record for me for a year!

Actually, no, when I used to go on snowboarding trips with my step-dad, brother Johnny and pal Joseph, we'd see a buncha movies too... Bah, like it matters. Nevermind.

Lots of great images in that movie mash-up clip. Makes me want to get into film making! MUAHAHAHA!!!

Gah!!!! I'm almost done with the camp video! From July, yes, that one! It's taken me half my life! I'm finally at the "gathering music" stage, which is an art unto itself. Trying to find fitting music for each of the segments involves a lot of trial and error, but it really is the last step. I've already told Lloyd I won't be doing any more camp videos. All he keeps saying is "we'll see"... which, frankly, kind of angers me. I'm done with these. Let someone else take a stab at it.

Here, lemme dig something out of my archive. This song is still amazing, every time I see it.

Man, what talent. Love the look of intense focus...

Oh, that reminds me! They're building a new Target at the mall that I live by! How awesome is that? For some reason, I am inordinately excited about the idea of having a Target at the mall. Isn't that odd? Yeah, must be a sign that I don't have enough problems in my life... I better prepare for the worst...

Well, in any case, guess I better bring this meandering, snooze-inducing post to a swift and painful ending. Hope your St. Bryan's Day was a good one. Happy Marthin Lootner King Jr. Day.

Dave the Shlub


Michelle said...

I feel blessed to remember your brother Bryan.

Loved the workplace complaint...

And I used to live near a mall with a two story Target. I was so excited when it opened. I think I'm still paying on my credit card for some of those shopping trips, but I loved that store....

Happy MLKJ day! Or as my daughter used to say, Martha Lutha King...She may not have had the name right, but I think she got the message. :)

logankstewart said...

Hmm. I'm guessing from the timestamp that St. Bryan's Day is also equivalent to my birthday, coincidentally.

Penning your own eulogy is brilliant. Or maybe doing Mad Libs for a funeral would be fun, too. "Logan was a great carrot, and sometimes even let cows lick his mustard sandwich."

David Thorne stuff cracks me up quite a bit. That guy's nuts.

Anonymous said...

My girls found a whole list of complaints about David Thorne - they're hilarious, and I question if they're real because after the first few, you would think the guy would be fired.

Loved the guitar music, his nails grossed me out, but then, perhaps how he achieves such gloriousness.

MLK was such an amazing jar of clay. Such a gift, so used of God, and yet, I sympathize with his wife.

Why can't you have an assistant for your camp project? I can think of several young computer savvy guys off the top of my head. Pass off the time consuming simple stuff.

My guess is Bryan is doing very cool things right now, and because he knows he'll see you soon, wouldn't change a thing.

Beth the Run Over by a Truck

David Wagner said...

Michelle: Bryan was a good egg, thx for the nice words. A two story Target! Think of it!!!!

Logan: Happy birthday, Logan! Not sure about the Mad Libs Eulogy thing... hmmm...

Beth: Yeah, I tracked down a site with a bunch of complaints... I'm apt to think, after reading through them, that they're likely not legit. Still, fun to read.

I think I'd rather be the Camp Video assistant! We'll see.

Still praying for Mary. Hope she's back to perfect health soonest.

Thanks, y'all, for commenting.