Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Have Become Like Broken Pottery. (Psalm 31:12)

Hey, how goes it! Dave here, and at the moment, it's 1am, smack in the middle of that awkward transition period between Monday and Tuesday. Worked from home today - got several items checked off of my "To Do List", which always makes me feel good. Still sore from my wild-man weekend up in the snow. I could use an ibuprofen and a hot bath... but, hey, it's 1 am... can't rightly take a bath that late/early, can I? It's unseemly!

So I decided to whip out a quick post instead.

First: Quick Stories About my Youngest Daughter That No One But Me Will Find Interesting!

I know, all dads think their children are the smartest and most beautiful kids in the world, I get it. But if there actually was a way to measure such things and see which dad really does have the best kid(s), I think I might be up there, as far as Maggie (my 4 year old) is concerned. She can whistle now! She's been trying for weeks to teach herself, which has been a source of unending amusement for me. Then a couple days ago, she finally got it. It's wild to see a kid that little whistling.

But even cooler was this morning. She came downstairs when I was still in my half-zombie mode on the couch, trying to wake up. I'm sitting there, hunched over, eyes closed, half asleep, while Mags is sitting on the floor nearby. She's stacking a bunch of crayons in a pyramid, and doing the "look dad! A pyramid!' routine, and I nod and grunt and yawn. A minute or so later, she says, "dad, look at my crayon rainbow!" I look down, and she has arranged all the crayons (about 20 or so) in a line, by color. "I organized my crayons" she says, which is nice vocabulary for a 4 year old to begin with. Then I look a little closer. And I kid you not... the crayons are arranged in a row, from red to violet, just like in a rainbow. I mean, they go red, to orange to yellow to green,all the way through, exactly how a rainbow is supposed to be, with the blended shades in the right place.

I did that thing dogs do, when they tilt their heads and look at something funny, with that, "Huh?" look on their face. What. The. Heck.

What could I say? I told her, "That's right, sweetie. That's a rainbow all right."

"I organized them, dad."

See? It's the little things that make being a dad so great. I loved that story, and even as I was typing it out, I was thinking how insignificant y'all would likely think it was. Yet I bet you have little stories like that about your kids (or wee friends/relatives) you could trot out.

Anyway, speaking of dads, here's a music video I watched tonight, by none other than Eminem, that talks about the pressures he faced as a dad. It's a "clean" version, so fear not. The video is ridiculously powerful - I highly recommend you giving it a watch...

Dang. Takes my breath every time I watch it. Maybe it's because I'm also a dad that loves my kids more than anything. He has other videos that are just as powerful. He really is quite a talent. He's had a hard road to travel.

Like this guy!

"How was golf, honey?" 
"Don't ask..."

Well, I think I'm going to turn in. Mellow, meandering post tonight, sorry. Just the mood I'm in, I guess. If you'll pardon the cliche, we'll see what tomorrow holds...



logankstewart said...

Stang, man, that video is powerful, and I don't even have kids. Nice post today.

Crystal said...

Great post,Dave! Thanks for sharing how brilliant your daughter is.

Krista said...

I love those little moments! :) Great story I enjoyed it!

Ah, Eminem is a talented guy, indeed. I love that song and video as well as many others of his...

abbie said...

maggie is amazing :) i hope she is doing better now!
That was a very good video. I agree, he is very talented and has had a hard life... but that was a riveting song!

Paula Titus said...

Love the crayon moment. That's the stuff which makes life worth living. :)