Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seven Slaps, One Punch and a Tickle

Hello, I say! Hello!

It's been about a week since last we spoke... have you missed my melodious voice? You have? Really? Well, if that was true, why haven't you called? You do remember how to use a phone, check?

OK, so if it wasn't the dulcet tones of my angelic voice you missed, was it my winning smile? Well, as of Thursday at about 2pm-ish, my winning smile will have braces on it. And then, from what I'm told, it will qualify as a painful smile. It should signal the beginning of an interesting 18 months in my dental history. Hopefully, I will have properly "braced" myself before my appointment! BUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

So, yeah.

I was planning on simply proceeding on to my acting class after my dental appointment... but people I know and trust, with experience in such matters, claim I am vastly underestimating the amount of pain and discomfort I will be in. Perhaps they are just trying to unnerve me - as retribution for some previous slight on my part, such as, say, passing wind on a certain unnamed person's toothbrush... but let's just say, I'm leaving my options open, as far as post-braces activities. I'd hate to go to the class and just sit there like a lump, unable to participate... I'm hoping it won't be anywhere as bad as they say. I mean, in each case, those advising me had braces put on as early teens (like NORMAL people do!). I'm an adult! I can take it!

So, yeah.

So I co-signed for another Sentra for my Eldest Daughter. I'm about 91% sure it was the right thing to do. Of course, we'll see what effect leasing three vehicles has on my credit score O_O!!! Well, she'll be paying for her car, I just used my credit to get her the deal. She's my sweetie, and she's having a rough go, life-wise, so I'm happy to help her in whatever way I can.

I love my new car... but between you, me, and the tree... it's kind of a wimp, under the hood. Maybe I'm just not used to driving an automatic... every car I've ever owned has been a stick shift. To me, that's driving. And I like being in control of what gear I'm in, and when. On my new car, it will decide to downshift and upshift using it's own little car brain... and sometimes, I'll admit... it's a bit frustrating. But, hey... sunroof and BOSE stereo system! Case closed!

But if that's the worst of my problems, I'm doing danged good.

So, yeah.

So there's an author named Mike Dellosso, who writes supernatural thrillers and things... anyway, he has an annual contest whereby the winner gets to co-write a short story with him, which will be digitally published and sold on Amazon, etc. People submit their idea summed up in one sentence, and he decides which one wins based purely on how intriguing he finds the idea. Anyway, I submitted an idea, and was chosen as one of the five finalists... the winner was revealed today, and I'd hoped to be able to announce to you here that I was the winner... but I was not. But it was cool to be considered.

On other writing news, I'm officially working with professional screenwriter Rick Rapier on my first legitimate screenplay. I'll have more info as events unfold. We've begun preliminary discussions. It promises to be awesome.

So, yeah.

Let's see... anything else? Well, I'm reading a good book called The Wretched of Muirwood, by author Jeff Wheeler. Started off great, then got bogged down (ironically enough) in a bog. More info when I finish the book. This one is worth a review, methinks.

I guess that's enough nonsense for now.


Dave the Nonsensical


Anonymous said...

I was supposed to have braces when I was younger, but I didn't like I have an interesting smile. :D

I prefer a manual to an automatic too. I love driving my vehicle - it makes me feel like I really AM, you know, driving.

Congrats on being in the 5 top spots - that's pretty darn awesome, win or not. And now a are motoring along nicely, methinks. :)

Y or pick.

David Wagner said...

I got the braces on today... not sure what the deal was. It was easy, and there was/is no pain whatsoever at this point. Only mild discomfort, that's it. All that worry for nothing!

Yeah, motoring along nicely is a good way to put it. I've had all these things simmering on the back burner since forever... seems like everything is moving at once now. The acting classes, the writing, the screenplays, the new car, the braces... I'm curious to see how things continue to play out. This is turning into a heck of a year so far!

I pick H...

Anonymous said...

You'll be surprised at how small things like braces will change your approach to others - especially if you're used to hiding your teeth -which you apparently have done since I've never seen your teeth before :)


David Wagner said...

I'm tempted to post a pick of my braced snaggleteeth, but then I ask myself, "Why?"

And I have no answer...

Yeah, hopefully I'll look back on it and think it was worth it, lol... it's been about a day, and my upper lip is already starting to complain about its new neighbros... uh oh...