Friday, November 23, 2012

The Gravity of the Situation: Understood

I don't know. I don't, so don't ask me! I can't tell you, either way. OK, fine, I can, but I won't. Because it's none of your business!

OK, fine, I'll answer it. What have I been doing for a whole week. Well, frankly, my memory is a bit fuzzy at this age. Hmm. Well, got an eye exam, as a prelude to getting new glasses, which I haven't got yet. Whee. I got another copy of Minecraft so Maggie and I could build stuff together... and it turns out Katie is even more taken by it. It's a lot of fun. I've got my two computers side-by-side, and we laugh and explore and build and chop down trees, etc.

The Steam holiday sales are going on, but I haven't had a desire to buy a single blessed thing. Thank God (truly). I scanned my Steam Wishlist (20 titles) and honestly, there's nothing I want. I mean, the only real contender for a game to add to my list came out a few days ago and it's a Free To Play game (Planetside 2), so even if I want to play it, it won't cost me a cent. Of course, I immediately installed it, and of course, I haven't played it once yet.

Yeah, I know. Blah blah blah, right? I mean, who cares? I suppose that's the point. It's been an uneventful week, holiday notwithstanding.

Went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving, as per custom, and it was terrific, as per tradition. The food was outstanding and plentiful, and the company was fun. Football was watched, jokes were told, couches were sat upon, and thanks were given. All in all, a near-perfect day.

Now, Christmas! Honestly, I'm hoping somebody somewhere has a Christmas party and invites me. I've never been one for socializing, but for some reason, the idea of a Christmas party sounds fun to me this year. Well, my anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks as well. Maybe I just need to celebrate something.

So the Beard of Doom is officially gone. And, of course, I missed it immediately, and told myself I'd grow it back. I took some pics of the process, for your amusement.

My poor, poor beard. Alas, you were loved, and shall be missed.

So, here's another tidbit of info that I guarantee no one will find interesting! Ready?!

I joined Adobe Creative Cloud! Yay!


OK, fine, here, let me briefly explain. I use Photoshop daily. It is made by Adobe. It is expensive ($600). They make lots of other cool software for web/graphics/audio/animation/film editing/etc. that is also very cool and very expensive. I could never get them. ANYWAY, they started a service whereby you pay a monthly amount (in my case, $30), and you get access to the latest versions of their ENTIRE software suite, which you can download and install on your system. So as long as you are subscribed, you get access to it all!

Summary: Yay!

I've given up on Homeland, by RA Salvatore. The writing degenerated into pablum, which is odd, since it started off so well. I got 70% through it, which I feel counts as a read, so I'm adding it to my 2012 Read List. So there.

Yes, I've been working on my novel, and yes, it's a boatload of fun. See, writing is a lot like minecraft, see, in that you explore ideas, and build things with words. See. And, uh, yeah.

Go, Ed, go!!!

I think I'm done. Got the weekend ahead of me, not sure what I'll do. If anything fun happens, I'll let you know. You know, since I know you're always anxious to hear how things are going in my life [insert massive eye-roll here]

Dave the Insipid


David Wagner said...

Well, I've had to enable Word Capture thingy... apparently, I've been flooded with spam comments the past week or more, without my realizing it. I mean hundreds and hundreds. Just what I wanted to do with my day! Delete spam! Yay!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

Loved your BIKER BEARD!!!

David Wagner said...

I also enabled the authorization feature as well, which means I'll get an email when you submit a comment, which I will then review and authorize before it appears on the blog.

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience. Just want to make sure I can kill the spamming.

Paula Titus said...

Beard pic number 4 is by far the most flattering. Number 3 is grotesque.
Happy Thanksgiving Leftovers Day!

David Wagner said...

But what about #1, Paula!? Come on, that beard is pretty impressive, eh? Yeah, #3 was for a brief blast of amusement only. To make that look work, I'd need some tattoos, a fur-lined leather vest and a heroin habit. I should have tried the Wolverine sideburns instead. Maybe next time...

Anonymous said...

My son-in-law went through #1 - until they went to visit nieces and nephew. They were afraid of Uncle G, so he shaved it off. So, for our family photos he was Joaquin Phoenix, but Mr. Smooth for his family. I'm practicing forgiveness :)