Wednesday, November 7, 2012

O It's Nice To Be Foam for the Holidays...

I suppose now would be the best time for my annual Political Post, but I'm just too spent on the whole topic. Other than a couple quick comments, I'll spare you. If political opinions give you bowel angst, feel free to skip past the next two paragraphs, to the Dragon Baby video clip, and continue on from there.

Political Nonsense: If there's one thing yesterday's election showed me, it's that polls mean exactly nothing. 6 weeks' worth of polls, ALL of which showed Romney either tied or ahead by upwards of 6%, all the way until election day itself... and Obama wins handily, 50% to 48%. Yeah, I know, shrug my shoulders and move on, right? Yeah, maybe it's the conspiracy theorist inside talking, but that smells way too fishy to me. I really wish there was some way to eliminate all of the duplicate votes, and actually count 'one vote, one person' and then see how it played out. Something tells me it would be very different.

I have a confession. My initial reaction to news of the President's reelection was, "Wow, there are far more stupid people in this country than I thought." Relax, I caught myself immediately, and had a nice prayer time about it. As though anyone who thinks differently than I do is stupid (or deceived). I get it; I'm lame. Still, it seems such a no brainer... Option A: Squeeze "the rich" for as much tax $ as possible to give to those who don't want to work for it (or pay it back), effectively punishing "the rich" for owning/running a business or Option B: Create a business-friendly environment that rewards "the rich" (by lowering taxes, etc.) for starting businesses, creating more jobs, and swelling the ranks of tax-payers. The latter would net FAR more $$$ in tax dough than the former, and would be far better for the economy than punishing people in direct proportion to their success. Everyone pays less in taxes, but far more people are paying them, so the net is far greater. It's a win-win. What am I missing? There are apparently 50 million people who don't see it that way. I can't help but picture them with their hand out and their head in the sand. Then again, what do I know...


And now, Dragon Baby

That's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. There's an Iron Baby video that is awesome as well.

I have some potentially huge news that I'm not able to share yet, which could greatly impact my life/career. I can't wait to spill it, but it needs to be firmed up first. But I could have a HUGE announcement in the next week or two. Stay tuned, eh!

The Grand Canyon, from outer space. Awesome.

So my Minecraft binging (as in, "to binge") has tapered way down to very reasonable levels. I've never hit the "100 hour" mark so quickly in a game before (about 3 weeks). Yeah, it's embarrassing to admit, but hey, today seems to be another day of Embarrassing Admissions. I might as well also admit that I had my fly open at Play Rehearsal two weekends ago, standing in front of everyone.

Or did I already admit that in a recent post? I don't recall.

Anyway, yeah, the play. At this point, we're dangerously close to cancelling the play. Having some "troubles" at our church. I keep losing cast members as a result. Nothing is more discouraging than seeing people you admire behaving in a manner that.... um... well, yeah, I think I'll stop this line of thought right here. So much at church is in an uproar. Honestly, part of me wants to just withdraw for a while and reconsider everything. And part of me thinks I should man up, and be a pillar when it's needed most. Wish I had the answer.

Well, on the plus side, I still have my Bushy Beard of Doom (at least until Thanksgiving). And I'm still working out with my trainer Markshane (or rather, letting him destroy me). I have a lot to be thankful for.

So that's that. Any prayers you want to toss up for me (and my church), I'd appreciate it. Unless you're not of the religious persuasion, in which case any money or nice gifts you wish to toss at me would also be appreciated. Steam Gifts Cards would be nice. The holiday Steam sales draw near.

Adios for now,

Dave the Troopuh


Anonymous said...

First comment!! suck it fooz!!!!! 1st off, Dave I loved your post!!! 2nd, I know his life changing secret. I know something you all do not know... ohhhhh yeaahhhhhh!!! Dave this is good news and Im excited!!!!

Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so. I remember many years ago, during the last "angstation," there was a little truth, lots of non-truth, and "prayerful" gossip to confuse the matter.

Since you are a leader, I vote that you rewrite your script to accommodate the very few you can gather, and have a Dav-o-rific Christmas skit.

After the dust settles, you'll be remembered as staying steady during the storm and helping our wonderful church battle against the stuff that works to destroy.

Of course, pray about it - I'm just a female, after all :).

Beth (Who can't wait to hear the news!)

Abbie Josephsen said...

hmm... I wonder what your news is? I might have an inkling, but not sure, so it'll be awesome to hear what it is :) Not sure what you should do about the play... keep it in prayer... it's touchy time right now...
Loved Dragon Baby by the way!! Oh, and ever since you posted the Bored Shorts clip, I've been tracking them and sharing them with my parents. Sooooo hysterical! We love 'em :) Thanks Dave!

Paula Titus said...

Be the pillar.
Will wait impatiently for news! :)

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly said it most clearly - people are voting for who will give them stuff.

Oohh...the earth is cracked!

Our church is also having problems right now - I just think a lot of churches are under spiritual attack right now, and we need to pray our way through it. It's not like it hasn't happened before...just maybe not to us. Hang in there.

Your news? I bet I know what it is. I shall wait patiently, and I shall not lie if I am wrong. :D


Michelle said...

The election left me wishing there had been a third choice...I'm tired of this same old song and dance from both sides. I also wonder if all votes are really taken into consideration. Sad to think that some votes may not have been counted, especially those of our military.
I hope that all will be well with the play and your church. I will keep you in my prayers.

Can't wait to hear your news!

David Wagner said...

Ethan: Don't spill the news yet! I don't want to jinx it!!!

Beth: Hey, what's this "I'm just a female" business!? Your voice counts! I can hear it from here!

Not sure whether a Dave-o-rific skit will be happening or not. But the play is done and over. We'll see.

Abbie: the Bored Shorts guys are amazing. I'm kinda surprised no one has done that sort of thing before them. Maybe they have, and it just didn't go anywhere. Anyway, love them too.

Paula: Trying to be a pillar, I really am! But sometimes I'm a pillow instead...

Havah: I really hope the "good news" pans out and I can share it here. If it does happen, it will be HUGE.

Michelle: I read that there were some 60 different "voting divisions" in Philadelphia where the Pres got 100% of the votes. I mean, Romney didn't get a single vote. That doesn't seem right to me (it seems very left!). Still, what can you do, eh? I'm all for adding a viable third (and fourth?) party. Mix things up for a change. I wonder if it could ever happen?