Saturday, October 20, 2012

Watch a Sunrise at Least Once a Day

Sadly, you know what I think first when I see that awesome woods photo right there? I think:

"Bugs." [shudder]

Isn't that sad? That I would wonder what types of creepy-crawlies would eat me alive as I strolled through the woods? I could tell you something sadder, but I won't... I'll keep that one to myself, thank you very much!

So, here it is, Saturday, and I'm blogging at my appointed time. Gee, I'm so organized! Too bad I don't have anything to say today!

Well, we're closing in on Halloween. The thing I like best about Halloween is that it means Thanksgiving and Christmas are drawing near. I love Fall, more than any other time of year. To me, it brings me back to when I was young, throwing the football around in the grass with my brother Bryan, fallen leaves scattered around, my dog Jesse running around, the cool edge to the air.

Geez, how corny does that sound? Feels like I'm about to break forth into a poem...

Still, I'm a fan of the season. Halloween? Meh, it has it's charms, too. Here, watch this cool video...

The Green Ruby Pumpkin from miguel ortega on Vimeo.

Nice vibe, cool art, I think.

Trying to think of some of my most memorable Halloween-related memories. I dressed as Gene Simmons from the band KISS one year - I was young, under 10 years old, I believe. My dear sweet mom has photographic proof of it somewhere. I had the face paint and the open shirt and the chains and everything, lol. One year in high school, I dressed as a woman and went to the Halloween party at the church I was attending at the time. The youth pastor was not amused. I was sent home. Don't think there's any photos of that, sorry.

That's pretty much it. Nothing pops to mind from my married years. I always contemplate costumes, but never pull the trigger on it. I still have a week or so to decide about this year. We'll see. Basically, I could wear what I wear everyday, and just tell people I'm dressed as a nerd. Well, a nerd with an unruly bushy beard. I think the beard is helping me write gooder. Now all I need is a beret and some John Lennon glasses and I'll be tip-top!

So I worked on my screenplay Thursday and Friday night, as planned. It's exciting to feel like I'm making progress on my projects again. I found a large online screenplay archive, which is helping me see how to structure the script.

I've discovered something about my neck pain, by the way. When I'm standing, it's fine... almost non-existent. When I'm sitting (which I do practically non-stop), that's when the pain ebbs and flows. Gotta be a pinched nerve somewhere. I'll have to consult with my chiropractor this week and see what the good doctor has to say. But what if he gets mad at me and punches me in the kidneys? What do I do if that happens? Would the police believe me if I said my chiropractor rabbit-punched me? Who would you believe: a respected doctor of chiropractic, or a nerdy graphic artist with self-image issues?

"But officer, they said I could park it anywhere..."

I had the day to myself today. Wifey took Youngest and Oldest to Sea World, while Middlest went with a group of church friends to Six Flags to ride rollycoasters. I could have done ANYTHING today! Think of it! The world was my oyster! I have a car with gas in it, a bit of breathing room in my bank account, and fast freeway access granting me a path to anywhere in San Diego! But did I leave the house at all today? Well, did I?!?! You should know, I know you were spying on me. Admit it! You reverse-accessed my webcam again, right? So you could watch me sitting on my duff in front of my computer all day, right? Man, you really need to get out more!

So do I.

Getting the Christmas play rolling this year is proving exceptionally difficult. We haven't even had our first cast read-through yet. In fact, I still have roles that need actors. I could go into all the extenuating circumstances for all of this, but I won't. This blog is a gossip-free zone, thank you very much! But if we can't get things rolling soon, we'll have to pull the plug on the play and go another, less-involved route. The script is going to be tricky to begin with; we really should have been into production for the last couple weeks already...

Ah, well, such is life.

I suppose that's all for now. I'll post a pic of the beard soon. I'll give you ample warning, so you can hide the children and small animals...

Adios for now,

Dave the Hairy


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Rug Chick said...

Hey Dave,

I've been working standing up. The table I use at the shop is exactly the height for that, and it has helped a ton with my shoulder/neck issues. Maybe try that.

Good stuff... as always!

Paula Titus said...

write gooder...haha will wait patiently for poem.

Anonymous said...

You may want to consult Pastor & Audrey as to how to deal with the Divas, Mother Bears, and the like. I know they'll pray for you for wisdom and help and the play will be a great success.