Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Blame the French....

Ladies and gentlemen, it is 5 minutes until 2 in the morning as I start this blog post. That is a record for me, and you were there! Sort of. I have never started blogging this late in the day before. Are you extremely proud of me, or just sort of proud of me? Does it instill within you a strong urge to emulate me, and stay up waaaay past your bedtime to write a blog post for your (mostly imaginary) blog fan club? Does it, eh? Eh?

Well, Wednesday is my scheduled blogging day! Yes, technically, it's 2 hours into Thursday... but somewhere in the world it's still Wednesday! Like, in Hawaii, perhaps.

Aloha, everyone! It is I, Dave the Late, with an exhaustion-laced blast of hot air for your enjoyment. Although why you enjoy hot air as a casual form of entertainment is beyond me. Shouldn't you be watching episodes of Lie To Me on Netflix instead? If not, why not?!?! It's a great show! In fact, I watched a bunch of episodes of it tonight instead of blogging. The good news is, I've learned a lot about lie detection from watching the show... so now I can tell when you're lying in the comments. So type carefully! I can read facial tics also... so you don't even have to leave a comment and I'll know that you're lying!

Here, lemme prove it. Look at this Tokyo office building that has a freeway overpass going right through it...

Now, let me ask you this: Would you enjoy having to deliver a pizza to this building, or not?


Moving right along...

Today (10/25) is officially my Youngest Daughter's birthday. She's 7! Yay! It rhymes with Heaven! Because she's a little angel, she is! See? It fits perfectly! Well, it also rhymes with "eleven" and "leaven", but I don't know what that means. I'm going with the "angel" thing, if you don't mind.

I made her a little coupon book containing 10 coupons that are good for 1 EXTRA BOOK during our nightly reading time. I'll tell her she can redeem them occasionally, or all at once. Let's see how greedy she will be! MUAHAHAHA!!! Happy birthday, Mags! Here's a social experiment! Well, we're also getting her a new bike and having a party this weekend. Which reminds me... the oven broke yesterday... we were going to cook food for 50 people on Saturday! Yay! Broken oven! YAAYY!!! Well, I hope everyone likes Costco pizza! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wifey and I are going to dress up as Salt and Pepper for the party. I'll be in all black, with a P on my chest, and she'll be in all white with an S on her chest. We may also wear aluminum foil caps with holes in them. Hey, don't roll your eyes! They are opposites that also go together, just like wifey and I! And besides, it's a step up from what I usually dress as, which is nothing. And I also have gray in my beard, which some people call "salt and pepper", so there... that's some irony right there!

Come on... Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra in dapper suits, with stogies? The "Coolness Quotient" in this blog just went up 30 points right there. Did you feel it?

So I went and saw the movie Looper the other day, with my good friend Todd F. Really good movie, though too long, and with a couple plot holes. Great acting performances across the board, especially Jeff Daniels' bit, and the kid, Pierce Gagnon. Where they found that little kid, and how they got such a crazy-good acting performance out of him is beyond me. The kid is 5 years old, for crying out loud! I guarantee, you'll never see another performance from a 5 year old that will ever approach this one. See the movie and tell me if I'm wrong. The kid destroyed it. I can't wait to watch the film again when it comes out on DVD, so I can watch the extras and hopefully get to hear the director discussing how he worked with that little guy. His performance blew me away.

So, yeah, good movie.

So, my reading time with Youngest for the past week or two has included our wading through all of the Winnie the Pooh stories. They're such fun to read. Early on, I challenged myself to read the stories and do all of the character voices from the cartoon versions. I have to admit, I have the Pooh and Piglet voices down pat. Eeyore, too, of course, since that one's easy. But it's great fun for me, and Youngest enjoys it thoroughly as well.

Buahahaha! Ah, story of my wife...

So I've been toiling away recently in Minecraft, building a giant glass-and-wood tower. When I get it finished (or at least presentable), I'll post a screen shot of it. I bet you can hardly wait, eh! EH!?!?! I should just break down and dress up as a Creeper for Halloween. All I'd need is a cardboard box and some green paint... So in my mind, Minecraft is indelibly linked with the show Lie To Me... because Minecraft can be played in a browser window, I have the game running on one monitor, while I watch episodes of Lie To Me on the monitor right next to it. Yes, I can multitask my forms of entertainment! That means I can waste two hours of time in only one hour! Man, how efficient is that? I know, right?

Don't get me wrong, I'm still keeping to my writing schedule. I've worked on my novel and screenplay on the appointed days, still going strong. In fact, I've been thinking of making a daily workout schedule as well.

OK, whatever, I've rambled enough for one night. Well, for one early morning. It's 2:30am. See how efficient I am? All this hot air only took a half-hour to generate! Only the best for my (mostly invisible) blog fan club.

Dave the Tired (and Feathered)


Anonymous said...

I blame them too.

Paula Titus said...

I like to schedule everything too, hub says I'm uptight, I like your word better, "efficient."

David Wagner said...

Claudette: Those crazy French...

Paula: Here's to efficiency! [Champagne glasses tink]