Thursday, March 15, 2012

OK, So Which One Do You Like Better?

Yay!, A new post! Here, lemme type it in all caps... A NEW POST!!!!! And now, with 20% more semi-feigned enthusiasm!

I bet you were wondering how I'm doing today, right? I mean, it is a day or two away from St. Patrick's Day... and you know what that means... yep, absosmurfly nothing! Yes, my favorite color is green, but I celebrate that fact every day of the year! By spending money, of course... I throw the green around all the time, cuz that's how playas like me roll.

I-rish I could think of an appropriate pun. I mean, O my guinness! You'd be dublin' over, for sure...

Anyway, how am I doing at the moment? Good! So there! What, you wanted me to say I was in the dumps, so you could gloat over me in my misery? Haven't you ever been in the depths of despair? (Quick, what movie is that line from!? Give the answer in the comments and win a prize! Give the next line in the movie and win another prize!)

Speaking of the depths...

OK, which cave-diving picture do you like better?

This one:

Or this one...

So I have been vindicated! I recently got some third-hand information that confirmed something I've always suspected, to my own selfish benefit... I was talking to my mommy, who has been reading a collection of articles by recently-deceased writer Christopher Hitchens, who, among other things, was interested in American History, and stated that Abraham Lincoln was deeply amused by scatological humor...  See!? That proves it! I've always somewhat suspected that people who feel farts and fart jokes are inordinately humorous are more likely to be geniuses. So, we have Abe Lincoln, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey and me. And we're all geniuses!! I know, right?!

I think I'm ready to take the Mensa entrance test now... I'm pretty sure I'll pass it!

And now, time for a little fresh guacamole:

So I hope you enjoyed the interview I did with Rory Aronsky in the last post. And I hope you check in on his blog to see if it clicks with you. Different strokes for different folks, I understand. But I think his blog is a gem. And it was fun to interview him! I wish him every success.

I'm between books at the moment, cycling through samples. I've read some good stuff, though. I started a full book called The Alchemist by Paolo Bacigalupi... I'll let you know if it hooks me. Also read a sample of a book by author Rachel Aaron called The Legend of Eli Monpress, which is very fun and well-done... once the price drops a bit, I'll grab it, for sure. Plus, my copy of Tuf Voyaging (By GRRMartin) is whispering to me from my Forgotten Bookshelf on my wall. An actual book? How retro! I should sell that book - it is unavailable, as far as I can tell on Amazon. It isn't available for Kindle (yet), I can't find the trade paperback anywhere (except my bookshelf) and there's one hardcover for sale for $215. I should sell it to some collector soon, before they release it on Kindle and people can grab it for cheap.

Yeah, I'm greedy like that...

Other good news - Joe Abercrombie's next book Red Country will be out by Thanksgiving! Yay! Oh, and Diablo 3 will be out on May 15th as well! Good days ahead!

Of course, tax day also looms, and I might not survive. I wish I was smarter when it comes to taxes. It's really going to cost me this year...

OK, which side of the room do you like better?

 Not sure I'd be able to sleep in a room like that. And I'm not sure I'd ever hire that interior decorator again... Then again, perhaps I'd feel at home, what with my split personality and all.

So I found a great website, which I added to the links bar over there on the right. It's called All That Is Interesting, and they have some of the most stunning photographs I've ever seen. I swiped some for my archive, since I dig awesome landscape shots. In fact, one of those two cave-diving photos up there (probably the one you liked better) came from that site (just to give them credit). If you go right now, you can see an incredible photo of a tree-lined path with an amazing star-filled night sky above it. I suggest browsing through a few pages there, when you have some minutes to burn. Very cool site. Here is the link again, in case you don't want to click the bolded name of the site a few lines above... man, you're so lazy sometimes!

And now, German butterflies...

Yes, in Germany, they say things with an attitude!

I'd like to visit Germany sometime in my life, before I kick the bucket. So I can visit the battlefields my dad fought at in World War 2. What? My dad was in Vietnam, not World War 2? Hmm... well, I'm not really interested in Vietnam... can we pretend he fought in WW2 instead? Then maybe I can get a trip to Japan out of it as well... yes, he fought on both fronts, probably! Oh, hey, Italy too! But not North Africa... too hot. He wouldn't have fought there. Of course, he was probably stationed in England for a while, before D-Day as well, so I'll have to visit the UK...

OK, it's settled, my dad fought in World War 2.

Well, they do things differently in Russia, as well... as this video clip of some Russian teens will demonstrate...

Who... on EARTH... would even think of trying that stunt? Are they insane? Did those two guys in that spool survive? I'm fascinated by the possible lines of thought that could have gone into the decision to do that.


OK, which famous comedian do you like better?

In case you can't tell, that's a very old Groucho Marx with a very young George Carlin... I saw this pic recently. Not sure the story behind it, but I had to snatch it up, since I'm a big fan of them both. They both loved words, wordplay, puns, clever turns of phrase, etc. In fact, if I ever get around to finishing it, I have a video involving the movie Duck Soup that I'm going to post up here, where I talk about it and share some of my favorite moments from it.

OK, fine, I'll end this post. I think I've bounced around enough. Man, if there wasn't something in this post that made your visit worthwhile, then color me failed. I gave it my best.

Adios for now, eh! Long live the queen!

Dave the Goofus


Abbie Josephsen said...

Sell it!!! make mulah on that sucker!!!

Anonymous said...

Both cave-diving pics are awesome, but...I like the second one, a little more thrilling.

Oh, and your Mom really loves you, I thinks it's called scatopendent :)

Beth A.

David Wagner said...

Abbie: I might... but I want to read it again first. I read it a few years back, and if memory serves, the first half was terrific, then it kind of fizzled. From what I understand, it's actually a collections of stories about the main character that were run individually in some genre magazine or other, then collected into the book.

Beth: On the cave pics, I agree... but what about the split room and the two famous comedians? Where do you side in those cases?

Yes, my mommy loves me... how could she not? I mean, I'm so awesome! (insert eye-roll here)

Rebecca said...

Greetings Dave! Second cave picture for sure. And I am not sure if those kids did survive. That was pretty brutal.

And I LOVED, LOVED the short about Guac. So innovative!

Thanks as usual for being an original.

Rug Chick said...

The Lincoln insight was a shocker. =) That was NOT in the book "Killing Lincoln" (which by the way, was not a bad read - I learned a lot about the assassination that I was not aware of. It was weird though to read a book about history written like a thriller - that took some getting used to.

Loved the Lincoln photo though.

I thought for sure one of the cave photos was going to be a nostril... guess my premonition was wrong... again.

Thanks for the laughs! But keep the laughing gas to yourself... please... =)

David Wagner said...

Reb: Yeah, I wish I could find out how bad those kids were hurt... it couldn't have been good... I should take the video down. Glad you enjoyed the stop-motion clip as well.

Lisa: If mom said it, then it must be true! and a nostril? Even I'm not THAT weird... ok, maybe I am. I'll keep the laughing gas to myself... but I'll still share the sleeping gas with my wife...

Ethan Fowler said...


I love the first cave pic. I LOVED THE GUAC VID!!!!!! And haha me and my buddies did the same thing one time. Lol but we didnt video it ;)

Lou Wesler said...

love the pic of groucho and carlin together, they both had a big influence on my sense of humor, them and mad magazine, thanks for posting it