Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dave Is Moody; Enter at Your Own Risk...

Pull up a chair and stay for a spell, eh? Good... good... now... let me just think up a really hard word for you to spell...

Greetings, y'all, Dave the Moody here for another blast of hot air in blog form. Art thou prepared?

Being moody and stuff, I thought I'd post some cool (to me) music and some intriguing (to me) photos, just to kick the angst level up a bit. Cuz sometimes I can be all serious. I'm not just all about being goofy and juvenile... and to prove it, I'm going to start of with a song called The Wind.

Now, wait, hear me out here. This has nothing to do with flatulence. It's actually a song that I've known and loved for years - and it popped up the other day when I had my iPod on shuffle, and it took me away, to a better place. You know how it is when you're in "a mood" and a song comes on that comes pre-loaded with a lot of personal accoutrements and emotional tack-ons, such that when it first starts, you're whisked away.

Well, this is one of those songs for me. It really is called The Wind, and it's by CeCe Winans.

If it doesn't do anything for you, then just skim the lyrics and move on...

The Wind by CeCe Winans
With all of my heart I know I could love you
But with all of my soul I'm driftin' away
And with all of my mind I know you can save me from
myself, and anything else 
With all of my strength I wanna reach out for you
With every breath, call out your name
With every step I just want to turn around and say
Make it okay 
But I'm so afriad you've forgiven one too many times
And I'm so afraid to give my heart again
Just to have a change of mind
And I'm not quite sure that you can trust me
And I would hate to have you find me again
Driftin' away like the wind 
With all of my heart I know I disappointed you
And altough I'm real sorry I don't know how to say this time
But if I were to lose you I know, I know I'd go completely
Out of my mind, but I'm running out of time 
But I'm so afriad you've forgiven one too many times
And I'm so afraid to give my heart again
Just to have a change of mind
And I'm not quite sure that you can trust me
And I would hate to have you find me again
Driftin' away like the wind 
It blows and nobody know where it's goin' to (Like the wind)
It blows and nobody know what it's gonna do (Like the wind)
At night you can hear it cry as the teardrops fall
From Heaven's eyes and somehow you know it's true
These tears that fall could be fallin' for you 

OK, so that's that. Yeah, I know, it probably doesn't do much for anyone else, but hey, it's my blog, and I'm Dave the Moody today, so there it is!

I've come across some photos recently that seem to me to tell entire stories by themselves. There's an art to that, I think. The best ones sort of pull you in and take you somewhere. Gee, have you detected tonight's theme yet? Sheesh!

Anyway, check this pic out, and see what it stirs within you...

Now, don't freak out, the photo was set up that way - it wasn't a photo-journalist, "capture a real life moment" type of thing. Still, from a story-telling standpoint, this picture is remarkable to me.

Here's another... same photographer. It's a portrait this time...

He reminds me of a character in a fantasy novel somewhere. A mage, or a silent warrior type. Maybe even with a strong religious facet, in spite of the black clothing. I don't know... something about his look says good, rather than evil to me.

Here's another one...

Honestly, I don't recall where this was taken. Still, I can't help but look at it and wonder about the people that passed through this set of rooms, and what they were doing. I wonder what the rooms were used for. Those look like benches rather than beds (too short), so I don't think they were sleeping quarters. Seems like a cool setting, whatever it is/was.

Better throw another song in here...

Around the house lately, it's been all about Christina Perri. The girls introduced me to her a couple days ago, and I really dig her voice and style - like an edgier Norah Jones. Check this songs out - it's quite cool. It's called Black and Blue.

That was supposedly recorded live. If so, kudos to her. She sounds great live.

I've never been big on going to live concerts. The few I've been to have had certain things in common.

  • Way too loud. Ruins the enjoyment when the volume is that high, IMO.
  • People standing up in front of me (often on their chairs) so I can't see. I don't want to stand, or have to sit the whole time looking at backsides instead of the stage, thank you!
  • They never sing the songs the way I know them. Yeah, I know that's part of the intrigue for some folks, hearing different versions of the songs they know. Me, I like the songs as they play on the CD...
  • Crowds bug me to begin with. That's just a personal issue with me. Being surrounded by a sea of people unnerves me for some reason.
  • Not a fan of the type of "smoke" that often wafts about from the other concert-goers.
  • Ticket prices are ridiculous.

 All things considered, if I like a band, I'd rather save the cash, the angst, and the headache and just stay home and listen to their music on my computer. I guess I'm old after all.

Well, I warned you I was moody tonight! What did you expect? Something uplifting? Whining is very rarely uplifting...

OK, well, I think I'll quit while I'm behind, and call this post done. I have other goofy things to bring to you soon, including a surprise, if you behave...

Until then.

Dave the Cracked.


logankstewart said...

Moody, eh? Sorry, I just can't get into the sound of the first song. I tried. The words are great (it's amazing how some songs are difficult to tell whether the singer's talking about a physical relationship or a relationship with God), but that's just not my kind of music.

But the second one, wow. Great stuff. I can see the edgier Nora Jones.

Perchance this'll brighten the mood. I listened to this on NPR the other day and found it fascinating. Here's a link to the article. It's totally worth the listen, and I think you'll enjoy.

And I dunno what you're talking about. Live concerts are great. In fact, I'm going to another on June 8, and I can't wait.

Michelle said...

Hey Moody Man, I thought I was the only one who found concerts way too loud. It bugs me when I can't hear afterwards. And I too have a certain repulsion for large crowds. It's suffocating....

So, here's a song quote for you:
"The best thing you've ever done for me is to help me take my life less seriously. It's only life after all.."

David Wagner said...

Logan: music is so hit-n-miss, I knew the songs wouldn't do it for everyone. Still, the song means a lot to me, for a variety of reasons.

Thanks for the link. Awesome.

Michelle: Yeah, concerts and me just don't mix well. And that is a terrific lyric.