Saturday, June 5, 2010

"It's Easier to Put On Slippers than to Carpet the Whole World." -- Al Franken

GAAH!!! Help!

Mold: Part 1: I found out where that slowly-increasing moldy smell is coming from in my office! Under my plastic chair mat! It is cracked in places, so there's a chance something was spilled on it and seeped through, getting on the carpet beneath. Or perhaps the carpet wasn't fully dry when I put the plastic mat down after the carpets were cleaned... when was that February? O_O I've been catching whiffs of it for weeks, walking around my office, smelling stuff, trying to find the source. GROSS!!! Now I need to call the carpet cleaner back and see if it's something that can be cleaned again, or if I need to have the carpet pulled up and/or replaced. The thing is, there's no visible mold... but I can sure smell it...

And here's Mold: Part 2: We had a hose pop off the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink on Memorial Day, while Middle Daughter was doing dishes. It flooded the area beneath the sink. We tried to dry it out, got the hose fixed, etc. But now the smell of musty moldy yuck is in the kitchen too... DANGIT ALL! I hate that smell! If you were to drop by our house at the moment, you'd be all "You disgusting, sick pigs, living like this!" So don't come over... we've tried disinfecting and spraying bleach, etc. (which just adds a second strong, unpleasant smell) but it ain't working.

So, two unrelated mold events combining to make me want to run away! Hopefully, the carpet guy can fix my office, and the homes management place can send someone to fix under the sink, and things can get back to normal. Until then GROSSSS!!!!!! I hope it doesn't get anyone sick... maybe the mold is giving me those brain flash things I mentioned a few posts ago. Oh, well, it's just death, what's the big deal, right?


I thought for sure the Travel Post would get a large response. But Logan and Havah were the only souls to chip in input! I guess it makes sense that everyone would slowly cease reading my blog, except the Die Hard's. Logan and Havah love me; everyone else is sick of me. And here I'm about to turn 40! Abandoned and unloved! Well, there's only one solution... yep, special content just for Logan and Havah! Yay!

Logan: Hey Logan, I saw a cool video of some guy summarizing LOST... now it makes sense! Tell me if he gets it pretty much right or not...

Still ridiculous, but now it makes sense!

Havah: Sorry, this is the best I could do. An April Fool's prank on the set of Bones.

I know you dig that show.

GAH! Make the mold smell go away! It's making me INSANE!!!

OK, so I'm almost done with The Way of Shadows, by Brent Weeks. It's a very well written book, if stories of political intrigue, assassins and magic are your thing. Nicely written, good characters, yadda yadda yadda. Solid effort. I'll let you know the full skinny once I finish it. So be patient!

Went Friday night to my good pal Carey's 40th surprise birthday party. He was sufficiently surprised. He's a good egg. Got to see his folks, whom I haven't seen in over a decade. Some good food, nice group of friends/relatives. I wish him the best. Now my 40th approaches!

You're supposed to say, "Gee, Dave, really? I didn't know! It's not like you mention it all the time or anything!" Then you punch me in the bread basket, and while I'm doubled-over, coughing, you continue, "What's the big deal? So you're turning 40! Embrace it! Take it like a man! Stop whining about it, you simpering, spineless, feckless gollywomper! Grow a pair!"

How cool is that! Flower Grenades, for guerrilla gardeners. Run by, heave a plant grenade, and it breaks open, and hopefully takes root where it lands. The grenade itself is biodegradable, the soil fertilized, the starter plant inside, ready to live. Just chuck it and run! Cool concept. I wonder if it really works.

So Wifey will run the Rock n Roll Marathon this Sunday. You know how I am with crowds! I'm practically soiling myself just thinking about it... the finish line is at Sea World this year, which presents a conundrum. The usual finish line was at the Marine Corps Training Center near the airport, and they had big bleachers, and lots of grass to kick back on while you wait for your loved ones to finish. But this year it's at the main parking lot of Sea World... and it's going to be hot. No grass, just standing around on a sea of asphalt... will they have bleachers, or places to sit? I wanted to go a bit early and read a book for a while. But now I'll have the kids with me... and who knows what the finish area will be like! Everyone has to take the trolley there - can't park there, it will be closed off. Do I tote around folding chairs? Or just wing it?

Ah well, worse problems to have, I guess.

Admit it: that's funny.

OK, well I guess I'll stop for now. Thanks again to everyone that reads and leaves comments. If I could give you a nice gift and/or a big sloppy kiss, I'd do it. Well, the gift part at least...

Wait, before I go... a Giant Friggin Moose...

O M G....

Ok, now I can go. Wish me luck on the mold thing...



havah said...

I posted first! I win! I win! :D

Awww, Dave! Thank you for the special "Bones" clip. That was really sweet of you (although I'm not supposed to call men 'sweet'..I know...I know!). I didn't notice that you'd noticed that I 'dig' that show (nice pun!)'s fascinating stuff.

I like the "Lost" clip too. Now I don't have to watch it after all! :D

Ewwww! to the mold. You should put some baking soda somewhere might absorb the odour.

Flower Grenades? Drive-by gardening? Whatever will they think of next? And how on earth did you find that?

I can't imagine running a marathon. I have zero stamina -- good with the short and fast, suck on the long and slow. We used to go watch the Comrades Marathon back in SA. It's about 56 miles, going between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, alternating start and end cities each year -- one year downhill, one year uphill. People would crawl across the finish line. Very moving and stuff, but...I just don't get it myself.

No way that moose is real. No way. Right? :o

Good luck on the mold thing!
(I'm good at following directions.)

Joseph said...

Nice! I'm reading way of the shadows right now also. Looking forward to your review since I will have actually read the book.

Abbie said...

ah ha! now lost makes so much more sense! that fellow did a good job.
That moose is ginormous, good grief!

Have fun at the race! just think of it as an adventure, so you have to cart around your provisions. And the book is your... weapon maybe? lol, to stave off boredom? :) see ya later!

Drydoryssus said...

So you want comments, no matter what ?

Hmm ... how about another Backyardigans' theme falsetto sing-along ?

Drydoryssus said...

[ cowers ] Allright allright, spare me.
I'll replace the latter with an expression of my fondness for the Tack pic.

Drydoryssus said...

There, you got two- no, three posts from my part today. Aren't ya honoured ?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see something alongside the moose to compare its size to - like when they put a dollar bill or coin in the picture next to the object. Too bad they didn't have a Toyota truck or some standard sized object to place alongside it......