Saturday, May 30, 2015

Steampunk Ironman Approves!

Love that photo. Photographer is Chris Schmidt, for the NatGeo traveler photo contest.

Greetings and salutations to whomever has stumbled across this here particular blog. It is I, Dave the Occasional Blog Updater, feeling the increasingly-rare need to wax random in text form. And you, brave wanderer, get to reap the results, such as they are...

I have felt the update urge a few times between this moment and the last time I updated (three weeks ago!), but usually it's at a time and in a place where updating is impossible... such as, in transit to or from Los Angeles... or as I drift off to sleep in the silent, wee hours of the night... my mind defragging as I slip towards a hopefully-steady slumber... "Ah, I need to mention that on my blog! Hope I remember to do it tomorrow... zzzzzz...."

So here I am.

I have two new screen-writing gigs! Along with my slow progress on the next chunk of Beyond the Impact, my screenwriting services have been secured for a second web series, called Momentum, which I am really not at liberty to discuss at the moment... um... but it is a nice, solid concept, and it's crammed full of action... I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into it in the next few weeks. 12 episodes, about 10 minutes long each. Sweet.

Plus, I'm involved in a blossoming Steampunk heist short film (20 minutes, give or take) that could turn into a series, should the interest and execution be there. In this project I have (at the moment) fairly free reign to create the characters and the story. It is also very fun, in concept and feel. Both of these projects are moving forward simultaneously. I don't know whether either of them will yield any acting roles for myself, but as far as writing, I couldn't ask for a cooler pair of projects.

So all things considered, these are great times, writing-wise.

As far as the acting side of things, the twice-a-week classes up in LA are ALWAYS awesome. I'm so glad I'm going. According to my coach (the Magnificent Rob Adler), I'm starting to come into my own. It's a great feeling. I really look forward to whatever lay ahead, as far as acting. At this point, it looks like the 48 Hour Film Festival in July. Unless I decide to put on a summer play at the church I attend. Oh, and there's a SAG short film that will be shot locally, concerning Napolean the evening before a battle, that I am slated to audition for very soon. Perhaps that will yield a role.

So creatively speaking, these are great days for me.

Steampunk Ironman approves!

What have I been reading lately? I read The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman. Honestly, it was thoroughly "meh"... I tried to read Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest, and it's really dull. I may bail on it. I'm trying to find good steampunk novels, as research for the short film I mentioned above. There's plenty of great art online, for inspiration, but I'd really like to get a hang of settings and vernaculars, so I don't embarrass myself by writing something way off-mark.

At the moment, however, I decided to try something a little more substantial from authoress  Laini Taylor (author of the achingly-beautiful "Night of Cake and Puppets" short story), called Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Good stuff so far. Just started it today.

This is one of those moments when I wish I had written down all of the awesome, random, non-acting/writing stuff I wanted to tell you. Because, for the life of me, I'm drawing a blank, staring at this half-written post, feeling very sorry for you, for having to read such a boring post. Good grief, is my life getting that mundane? I mean, to me, from Ground Zero (if you will), the stuff I've written here is very important and interesting... but at the same time, I'm painfully aware of how tedious it would be to anyone not me.  So I feel pressure to entertain you!

And there's a very high possibility that no one is even reading this, and that I'm worrying myself for no reason! Still, I find myself lamenting the "good old days" of this blog, when I would routinely wax random in a satisfyingly-entertaining way... what if those days are gone forever? What should I do!?!?!

So I suppose I should pack it in for the night. I should also make another empty promise or two about "updating the blog again very soon! Trust me!" Yeah, that'll happen...

Time for bed. I'll think of cool things to type as I drift off to sleep, I'm sure. Then it will be gone by morning.

Sorry about that.

Dave the Apologetic


Anonymous said...

I still can't read a book, but when I'm back to normal I'd like to read "Night of Cake and Puppets."

Here's a frustrating note: My computer went to have some work done, and the meticulous excel spread sheet that I have been keeping lists of books that I want to read (recommended here, online, through friends, classics, and re-reading the ones in high school that I only pretended to read) is now only accessible if I purchase an updated Microsoft Office, but more likely, a new computer!!! It's years of collection, and marked when I've read it. Sorry, this is your blog, not mine, but the point is that many of the books you have recommended these past years that interest me are on a back up hard drive until I can come up with the cash. Blast.

I was wondering what "Steampunk" meant?


David Wagner said...

Bummer about your list! I hope you can resurrect it... or send me the file, I shall open it and export it in a way that you can read it. Or just download OpenOffice, which is a free set of applications like Office, and they open all office files. In fact, that may be your best bet...

Steampunk is difficult to define. The best definition I've seen is something like "stories that involved advanced technology created using old-school pieces... like an iPad that runs of gears and steam, or robots and big airships and things... gritty, grimy, oily, steamy, clanky... but accomplishing things we do today, or even more advanced... usually the settings are old victorian England-type setting, or the old west...

That's probably woefully-incomplete, as far as definitions, but I'm kind of diving into the genre somewhat blind myself lately, trying to get a good hold on it. As I discover more, I'll share more!

Good luck. And remember to look into OpenOffice! It's free and legal! I use it myself!