Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hamburgers From Heaven!

Bern, Switzerland! Are you kidding me!? THAT is friggin AWESOME! I kinda wish I lived there. Because, come on.... how beautiful is that? I mean, imagine getting a little place there in Bern, and playing Minecraft all day--- I mean, write novels and things all day. Right?

O, forget it, look at this picture...

O... M... G....

There are some amazing places in the world. According to my sources, that is Bergen, Norway. Dangit, what am I doing? There's this amazing world out there!


What about this one?

Prague. In the Czech Republic. The fourteenth-largest city in the European Union.

So, tell me. Bern, Bergen or Prague? You decide. Maybe it's just the snow that makes them seem awesome. Maybe beneath the surface, there's seediness, political corruption, machinations, intrigues, various connivances and chicaneries...

Or maybe it really is, plain and simple, awesome.

OK, enough of that glorious nonsense...

So, what has happened since last we spoke, lo, these many moons ago?

Wifey and I had our 24th Anniversary. 24 years! On Facebook, I referenced dressing up as Jack Bauer in connection with my anniversary... I was actually going to be more risque with my comment, but I toned it down, since people's opinions of me matter oh so very much, apparently. I did rattle off another pretty good zinger though, when I said "I remember the day I got married... seems like a wifetime ago..." I patted myself on the back for that one...

See? How sad is it when you need to blog Facebook highlights? How little content does a person need to have before he/she resorts to rehashing Facebook quips?

So on my Anniv. I worked half a day, then took Wifey and Youngest out to dinner (couldn't get a sitter) at a great burger place here in San Diego, called Slater's 50/50. Now, I normally despise people that take photos of their food... well, maybe not despise the people themselves, but more the act of photographing food... I mean, toward what end, right?

But I built the most amazing burger, and when they brought it to our table, I was so in awe that I just looked at it, stunned. Yes, I took a photo of it -- likely the only time in my life I will do such a thing...

2/3 lb patty, smoked gouda cheese, thick-cut bacon, grilled onions, tomatoes and bacon-ketchup, on a bacon-pretzel bun... O... M... G.... I'm getting flashback-induced chills just remembering it. It was gigantic. It was like holding a bowling ball. I took bite after glorious bite, and it never felt like it was getting any smaller. Like magic! You know what? I ate the whole dang thing. Plus, a few onion rings, some sweet potato fries, a wonderful glass of beer, and part of a bacon-topped brownie w/ice cream for dessert. We ate early -- about 5pm... and I didn't eat again until lunch the next day.

I don't know whether to be ashamed or proud.

The only thing more awesome than that epic burger is the new trailer for the Mad Max movie (with Tom Hardy) that is coming out next year. By all means, you must watch this, full screen, as high-res as your system can handle...

Wow, like, times ten.

So, the Big Day of Shooting that we had scheduled for Dec 20/21 for the web series, which was going to take priority over the church Christmas play for the first time since 1996, has been postponed to the first weekend in January. This means I'll be able to be at the play performance at church after all! Mixed blessing, in a way... I really wanted to get this particular shoot done, and looked forward to it... but I also was a bit bummed to have to miss the play -- especially since my cast is doing SO WELL! You should see them! Maybe you will be get to! We're going to video tape it. As usual, the audio is the biggest concern. If it records well, I'll post it here.

Anyway, I'll be able to be there.

Not sure how moving the Big Day of Shooting will affect the Premiere date for BTI, if at all. It was set for January 24, and then there was talk of moving it to February. We'll see. I do know that we are committed now to appearing at Wondercon in Anaheim in early April, which will be quite an experience, I'm sure. Then there's Comicon in San Diego in July. We should have the entire series done by then.

What else? Hmm...

Currently Reading: The City Stained Red, by Sam Sykes
Currently Playing: Minecraft, and Sir You Are Being Hunted.
Currently Listening To: Beatles, Volbeat, random 80's music, and, when the mood hits me, Adele.
Currently Feeling: Optimistic
Currently Planning on Seeing: Interstellar and (if I can still find it) Birdman

I think that will sum it up for now. These are good, busy times for me. Check back soon, and I'll heap more upon thee!

Adios for now,

Dave the Good and Busy

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had spent more time traveling when I had the $. My kids uncle just hosted his 100th couchsurfer, and he couchsurfs all over the world. Travel certainly adds dimension to a person's outlook, attitude, and understanding.

Looking forward to viewing your work.