Monday, October 17, 2011

A Post Full of This and That... (Well, More "This" Than "That", Really)...

It's Fall! Get it? I opened today's post with a seasonal, visual pun-hybrid type of thing! You know, like "don't fall for falling over the falls during Fall!"

OK, fine, that was a stretch. I lean upon your propensity toward quick forgiveness, and I boldly move forward!

Yes, I finished writing the Christmas play. And it turned out well, methinks. I don't want to toot my own horn too loudly here, but I think it's pretty dang funny. Still working on casting - some roles up in the air until I get the "yay/nay" from everyone. Hope to get it soon - our first rehearsal/read-through is this Friday! Yikes! If you want to read the script, let me know and I'll email it to you! Then you can tell me how off my rocker I am. I mean, what other Christmas play in history has ever had Elizabeth putting Mary into a sleeper hold? Sheesh!

(you think I'm kidding...)

Moving right along... here is a Boba Fett viking helmet for you to enjoy...

I get a nerd rush just thinking about something so awesome... if you want to buy one for your Star Wars Memorabilia collection, it will set you back about $250. Click this link to read the Geekology article.

So I finished reading that Brandon Sanderson novella I mentioned in the previous post (called Infinity Blade). It had some nice (funny) dialog, some cool ideas and some great fights. But it didn't really have much depth. I can forgive that. It was a quick, fun read, and is only a couple bucks. Grab it if you can, or if you have an eReader of some kind, email me and I'll loan you the file. Not all eBooks are loanable, but this one is.

It was good enough to inspire me to actually play the Infinity Blade game again on my iPad (after tinkering with it many moons ago). Only the game crashes to iPad desktop now. It won't even launch. Bummer. Hope the next update fixes it. I remember the game being visually impressive. I wanna try it again.

And now, a dude playing "Hall of the Mountain King" on a custom-made 27-string guitar thing. Give it a minute, it starts off slow...

I think it takes a special kind of crazy to bring an idea to fruition like that. Good on ya, mate!

We're trying to make Maggie a "transformers" costume for her party this weekend. Out of painted cardboard. So that when she curls up on the floor, she turns into a truck, like this. Why? Because we are crazy. Her favorite Transformer? Nope, not Octopus Prime... not Bumblebee... her favorite is a GMC truck called Iron Hide ("He's the weapons guy, dad!"). I thought we should just buy her this costume and be done with it ($25 well spent, I think), but she wants a home-made one that will turn into a GMC. I predict it will last about 10 minutes before she removes it and runs off to play. We are going to have oodles of people at her party this Saturday... dang. Better start psyching myself up now. I don't do well with crowds... and crowds in my castle? Hmm...

And now, Mona Lisa with a rocket launcher...

Thanksy Banksy!

I've been getting the creative itch lately. I hope first to funnel it into finishing the camp video (no, it isn't done yet! Sheesh!), and then into the play (as far as acting), but I also want to work on my novels, plus maybe another Wagnervana webcomic. If anything comes of it, I'll let you know here first, since I just KNOW you're dying to see more of my work! Right?

By the way, I bought Titan Quest Gold the other day on Steam for $5 (what a deal!) and have been playing it again. I say that for Dry's sake... Hey Dry, I made it all the way to level 11 on my new Conqueror toon before installing the latest TQVault and dusting all my archived gear off. Then I twinked the heck out of her, and now she's an unstoppable beast. I know, I should have tried to play with just the gear that dropped (or that I could buy from vendors), but I lack the inner resolve to be that disciplined. I like to obliterate my enemies...

I don't know if I've posted this video before (if I have, I apologize), but it's amazing...

Yeah, yet another activity I'd love to be able to do, if I could ever conquer my fear of heights.

OK, fine, I'll stop for now. I have a bunch of other random stuff to unload on you all soon. Oh, you love it and you know it! Quit complaining!


Dave the Crazed

PS I'm reading Gates of Fire again! Best book ever.


Drydoryssus said...

We want more webcomics!

Don't give it much thought, Dave.
There's no shame in using second-hand gear.
When it comes to TQ, a character can't build up a decent personal arsenal just by his own pickups, so feel free to dig up any equipment you have. It eventually makes for a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

My, was that over 50 words already?
The TQ analyst inside me is acting up again!
Must... supress... RANT...

logankstewart said...

Ah, sweet helmet. The Vader one is pretty cool, too.

I watched the video with "Hall of the Mountain King" a few weeks ago. Impressed, I then watched a video of that guy and how he went through the process of making his 27-string instrument of doom. Impressive, I say. Six is plenty enough for me.

Anonymous said...

The opening photo was comprised of fall colors - adding to the silent pun.

Dave, would you really buy that helmet?

My best friend growing up played the harp - this looks cool, but I think the set up is like her harp, just laying on his lap :) Sounded awesome, too.

I think it's cute that your girl wants a costume made at home.

I have had flying dreams my entire life, so I enjoy videos where people can fly. I like the scary rides at the park that make you feel like your flying!

Beth A. the Cooler Desert Lizard