Friday, April 8, 2011

I Can Tackle Anything! Bring It On!

Yes, I realize it's Spring, and so the snow pictures should go away until next November or so... but I like this pic, and I had to use it. Kudos to James Kazan, the photographer who snapped it. Reminds me of Winterfell for some reason. Besides, I like the name "Stone"... I have a character in my novel named Stone. Shannon shoots him in the head with an arrow... poor Stone...

Well, the good news is, I finished all of my latest projects tonight, so a great weight is off my shoulders, woot! Now I can fart around even more than I normally do. Actually, I've got a buncha stuff done lately, so I'm feeling pretty good about m'self, and my confidence level's pretty high... I can tackle anything! Bring it on!

What? The Mount Huashan hiking trail? Widely considered to be the most dangerous hike in the world?

Umm.. well, no, I don't think I can tackle that. I mean, my confidence is pretty high, but not THAT high... but I can tackle anything else! Go on, try me!

The Extreme 19th hole at the Legend Golf Resort at the Entabeni Safari Conservancy in South Africa? The one with the tee box you have to take a helicopter to, that's a half a kilometer above the green?

Uh, no... no, I don't think I can tackle that either... I'm afraid of heights, and my golf swing is woefully ungood at the moment. What else have you got?

An urban street race on a mountain bike down the steep streets of a Chilean hamlet? Hmm... maybe not. It doesn't look quite as difficult as the decent through the Dona Marta slum in Brazil, but still, a bit out of my comfort zone.

What else?

Ah, a trip down the sommerrodelbahn dry toboggan run in the quaint Austrian village of Pettneu! OK, cool, that I can handle... maybe. I mean, going fast kind of freaks me out, too... maybe something a little less heart attack-inducing. You know, something more mellow, that would be more appropriate for someone of my advanced age of 40. Something that is mildly challenging, that I could embrace without much risk to my person or my sanity...

Hmm.. a nap on a park bench? OK, cool, it's a go! This I can do!

See you in a few hours.

And stay off my lawn!



logankstewart said...

I, too, thought of Winterfell when I saw that picture.

Never heard of Mount Huashan, but after that website, I'm not sure why. That place looks crazy.

WV: booknul, the state when the book you're currently reading is empty and boring

Paula Titus said...

I think you fit somewhere between old man snoozing and the most dangerous hike in the world (although it does look very cool). :) Great opening photo.