Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mellow Saturday Randomness

Mellow Saturday. A little overcast. No pressing deadlines. Wifey's at the mall. Just a peaceful, round-the-house afternoon. Nice.

As usual, I go into this post not really knowing what I want to say. I guess I'll start with a cool video, and see where it goes from there...

YOUTH from Tommy Petroni on Vimeo.

How ridiculously cool is that video? Of course, I don't know any of those people, but it was really touching in any case. How cool, just to carry a camera around and just tape a bunch of footage of you and your friends just farting around, doing not much of anything other than just enjoying life and each other's company? Then edit together a cool montage that they can all look back on, years from now, and get all maudlin.  Makes me wish I'd done something similar. Family videos are one thing... "friend" videos seem a whole other animal.

There might be a movie idea hidden in that concept. I may have to chew on it a bit...

That reminds me, I thought of yet another (what I feel to be) cool book idea recently. Lots of potential. It is, at once, cool and frustrating that I come up with fun ideas like this. If I could finish previously fleshed-out ideas first, that would be one thing. But to come up with new ideas when old ones lay unfinished... well, what can I do? I'll just take extensive notes and file it away for future reference.

Here's another cool video.

Living Room from Mr.Beam on Vimeo.

Yet again, way cool. It seems Vimeo has the highest-quality video content available.

Apparently, that "room" has a pair of video projectors in it, and it "paints" the room with different designs. It makes me want to redecorate my office. I'd love to ditch all my shelves and furniture, and just repaint the place, put some wacky art up, and nice lighting, and maybe some cool, out-of-the-box bookshelves. Plus, I'd like to have a futon, or even a twin bed, if it will fit. I'm sick of sleeping on the couch - and it doesn't look like I'll be back into my own room any time soon.

Too bad I can't really afford to redecorate at the moment...

I went to Barnes & Noble today, with the remainder of my gift card (from Xmas - thanks Lisa!), to nose around a bit. I ended up pre-ordering A Wise Man's Fear for $15, plus free overnight shipping (I'm a B&N Member, you know! So important!).

I still had $20 left after that, so I bought a omnibus edition of the Amber Chronicles, by Roger Zelazny. It's supposed to be classic fantasy, and has been in my Amazon cart, in the "on hold" area for over a year. Figured I'd give it a thorough purchasing, since it was basically no charge. When I got it into the car and cracked it open, to my dismay, I see that the entire epic 10-book collection is written from the first person perspective! NOOOO!!!

Hey, Abbie, wanna read it? lol

I was pondering again my aversion to reading "first person" stories, and I *think* my main beef is that it seems a lazy way to write a story. A story feels like it has more depth to me when there are multiple perspectives and viewpoints to contrast, rather than locking the narrative into a single path. Then I thought, "well, if it's so easy, perhaps you should make your first book from the first person, so you'll actually finish a script, you numbnuts!" Lord knows, I have practice writing first person perspective... that's all this blog is...

If you don't read Paula's blog, you need to! She's been updating regularly, and she's a great writer. But she needs your help. You see, she has a rare condition that makes writing very painful if she doesn't get a steady stream of comments. So, you could help spare her pain, and could possibly save her life, by going over there, enjoying her wit and talent, and then leaving comments. You will receive the reward of great writing to enjoy, as well as additional jewels in your crown when you get to Heaven.

And, of course, Logan's Blog, Kris' Blog, Rebecca's Blog and Abbie's Blog are all the Bee's Knees as well...

Adios for now, eh.


Abbie Josephsen said...

I'm sorry sorry sorry. I have blog ideas but haven't taken the time yet to put them together :P
Save that book (or books I guess) for my summer reading project :)

David Wagner said...

Nothing to apologize for, Abbie! Just keep doing what you're doing. It's all good.

The book is yours, when you want it. In the meanwhile, I may give it a shot and see if it turns out to be as great as everyone says. I'll let you know.

Paula Titus said...

haha Thanks Dave :) That was nice.

I wish there were a Barnes & Noble around here but the nearest one is about a 30 minute drive.

I have a twin bed stored in the garage, if you want it I'll pay for shipping. The sheets are pink zebra striped, if you want them too.

Anonymous said...

As a quasi-paint "expert," it would not cost much to paint your office, rather just time. HD has Glidden for about $19/can, the better stuff goes on sale every so often. It would take two cans to cover your walls. You can get a Craig's List notification when bookshelves are posted (I sold all my high quality bookshelves on Craig's list for a song when I had to move). Maybe redecorating your office might motivate you to finish your novel and you can put "Home Depot Paint Associate" in the "thanks" portion of your book :)

logankstewart said...

Ah, that's the same problem I encounter. I'll be working on a story and before I know it my mind's done gone off and thought of something else to write about. I've got so many unfinished tales it's depressing. Maybe I should just compile all of them and release a book of unfinished stories as my first book...

You lucky bugger, getting Wise Man's Fear with free overnight shipping. I didn't splurge the extra bones for overnight, so I'll have to wait a few days before the tome's delivered to my house. Hopefully I get it before I make my trip to the signing, or I'll just buy another one and return the other.

David Wagner said...

Paula: I assume you buy a lot of books and goodies on Amazon? Way too handy. I don't mind used books - saves me a bundle of dough, too.

Beth: Hmm... I think you've convinced me to look into it a bit deeper! Maybe I actually can get this big bland white box of an office redecorated! You've given me hope!

Logan: Let's swap unfinished stories... you finish mine, I'll finish yours. We'll split the money and glory! 50/50!

Oh, and I'll try to race through Wise Man's Fear and post a spoiler-filled review for you to read! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!! The Power! THE POWER!!!1!!!

logankstewart said...

You do, I show up in California maniacal and raving mad, outside your house, knocking on the door and yelling loudly "CURSES! CURSES!" over and over again. Then I'll spray paint your house with a derogatory, hate-filled word (SPOILER!), and return to Kentucky, all in the dead of night, leaving you to wonder who could've done this madness, assuming, of course, that you completely forget all about this comment and my self-incrimination.