Friday, August 20, 2010

The Curse of the Glass Wall

Well, I believe it has finally happened...

Blogging has slipped silently behind the glass wall. I knew it would eventually, and I'll be darned if it didn't do just that!

I've gone on at length in this blog before about how I tend get into something, as far as a hobby, interest or other activity, and I go all out with it, letting it absorb me, and then very suddenly, it simply ceases to be a viable activity anymore. I can't tell you how many things this has happened with. It's depressing, really - mostly because I don't really understand why it happens or how to stop it. The best analogy I can come up with is that it slips behind a glass wall, like in a trophy case or something. I can see the thing, but I can't grab it anymore. It has been memorialized.

Skateboarding, script-writing, acting, playing my guitar, writing music, cartooning, animating, watching wrestling, working on my first novel, playing certain games (PC/video), listening to certain types of music, having in-depth theological discussions, bible reading/memorizing, painting, playing golf, working on my Wagnervana website... all of them used to to fully absorb me, often for years on end, and all of them ended with being 100% full-throttle one day, then completely dead the next. They "slip behind the glass wall", where I can still "see" them, and I still tell people I do them and have interest in them... but I simply don't do them any more. They will always be a part of me, just not an active part anymore...

I always knew this blog would get there someday. That day has come.

I can't tell you how proud I am of this blog, and how cool it is that so many people would read it so regularly, and look over my shoulder as I took this weird journey, almost 500 posts ago. I started out knowing I had a lot to say, and to challenge myself to see if I could write a new post every day for a year. I hit that goal, and had a lot of fun doing it.

But I woke up the other morning and I just knew I was done. I waited a few days to see if I was somehow mistaken, but I'm not.

I appreciate your support throughout the months. I don't expect you to keep this blog bookmarked. I'm going to assume this will be my last post. I'll still be available via Facebook and email: davidwagner1 (at) cox (dot) net if you'd like to stay in touch. I'll also certainly continue lurking and leaving comments on your blogs.

It's been a great trip.

Dave Wagner
San Diego


Vye said...

It has been fun reading your blog, Dave. I'm sad to see it go, but it was good while it lasted.

I have but one complaint. We had a LAN when you brought it to life, you should have given us enough time to have one when you laid it to rest!

Drydoryssus said...

Oh dear. That was a surprisingly nasty halt.
Not only has the IGN.TQ Forum dried out, now your blog too ...

I guess I'll keep on reading my off-line .mht archive of the 2009 posts (which were very resourceful, by the way). It might sustain me for months, hopefully until (and if) you load up on material again.

Well, I'll be taking my leave, I suppose.
Take care and fare thee well, sir !

Anonymous said...

I can certainly understand why wrestling went behind the glass wall - although, not how it was every released in the first place!:)

My whole life I have been a voracious reader - I own 1,000's of books, and those are the ones I've kept. Thanks for the book suggestions, they have been a fun departure from my typical reads, although not without intense scrutiny from my family - they are surprised to even see me with these books!


Abbie said...

aww :(
its been great while it lasted dave! Thanks for providing lots of good posts to read :) Keep up the writing of your book though! don't let that slip away :)

Rebekah M said...

Dave! I'm sad to hear this is your final post. I've greatly enjoyed reading them, the way you write, and getting a peak into your life. :)

logankstewart said...

Ah, friend, so it goes. I've enjoyed your random posts and odd finds, your book reviews and your recommendations, your musings, your thoughts, and your general identity in the blogosphere. My Little Corner of the World has been a favorite bookmark that I've checked week-daily and hoped for an update, and now there shall (likely) be no more.

Thank you for the great blog, your apparent liking of my blog, and I wish you all the best in whatever future endeavor you do.

Perhaps I'll see you lurking around some still.


Crystal said...

It's a sad day in the blogosphere. I've been a follower of your blog for about a year now and I've really enjoyed your musings.

I wish you the best on whatever the future holds for you!

Joseph said...

Twas' a good run, Dave! You entertained a great amount of people for a long time. Thanks for your faithful updates!

David Wagner said...

Vye: I'm always in favor of more LAN parties, make no mistake...

Dry: Sorry if it seemed abrupt - I can't seem to control the timing on these things! It's there one day, gone the next. So glad you read it for so long. I'll still be floating around... as for starting this up again, who knows? I'm going to try and resurrect Wagnervana. If I get the bug again, I'll probably start there.

Ann: I know wrestling is wacky, but for some reason it connected with me when I was younger. And I had no idea you were such a reader! Chances are, you have a review blog of your own, eh? Post me a link! I'll go read it and leave lots o' comments!

Abbie: Don't worry, the fantasy book is still alive and well.

Rebekah: Thanks for reading for so long. You = the best.

Logan: I'm still going to check your blog constantly, and I have your email if I need to reach you for any reason. Blog on, bruthuh!

Crystal: Not a sad day! Think of it as moving on to bigger things! I'm glad you read my hot air for so long. Thanks a ton.

Joseph: Dangit, we have to go do something soon. Any annoying movies coming out soon?

To everyone: Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement. If you need to find me for any reason, try Wagnervana or the email in the post. I love you all!!! (dang, how corny is that? lol)

Anonymous said...

Must be time to play UT

Rebecca said...

Dave?! Leaving the blogging world?! Sad news indeed.

Thanks for the entertaining and informative posts. I have thoroughly enjoyed them! You had a nice balance of serious, lighthearted, bizarre and ordinary info.

So next up on your project list…finish your book (s)…


Paula Titus said...

Wow - sad news. I enjoyed everything you had here, good luck with your next endeavor! :)

Grace Sandlin said...

try to figure out why things slip behind the glass wall because you are very influential and have many valuable inputs. somethings of yours need to be dusted off and come back out from behind that glass. (not wrestling :)

David Wagner said...

Rebecca: Yep, trying to focus on the books next! Prayers coveted.

Paula: Thanks for reading for so long. Glad you enjoyed it. Who knows what the future holds, eh?

Grace: I have been trying since I first realized it, many moons ago. When I crack the code, I'll let you know.

Thanks again y'all! Must be time to play UT... :D

Kristopher A. Denby said...

Darn, man. I was away for so long it escaped my attention that you had fled the blogosphere. We all make choices, and I totally support your right. I appreciated your very interesting and sometimes rather educational posts, and I will miss them. Hope you keep in touch. I'm back at a semi-regular blogging pace now. Drop in some time and say hello. A cozy chair is always waiting for you, my friend. Good luck with whatever takes you.