Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"You Can't Stay Mad at Someone Who Makes You Laugh." -- Jay Leno

OK, I need to update! Let's just start things and see where they head, shall we?

I've been working on the van at the rug shop the past couple of weeks... and when I say "working on the van" I don't mean changing the brake pads. We lost our main pick-up/delivery manager. And by "lost" I don't mean he's walking aimlessly around somewhere near Rancho Santa Fe... he was let go. And by "let go" I don't mean he was, in any way, related to a fart...

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, so I've been filling in until we find a replacement. As most of you know, I really am a behind the scenes guy. And by "behind the scenes", I mean, behind a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Being in people's houses, picking up their rugs, makes me nervous and antsy, really. And that makes me sweat. And by "sweat", I mean "good grief, bring this man a towel!" My brother Bryan used to be our field manager back before he died (and by "field manager", I mean pickup  delivery guy... sounds better, eh?). He was so good at it! He loved people, and felt very comfortable around them, and made them feel comfortable and chatty as well. Me? It makes my chest get all tight. But the shop needs me, so I'm sucking it up and gettin' it done! And by "sucking it up", I don't mean the shop... if I sucked up the shop, where would the employees go to work at? I mean, come on!

Bottom line, I'm way out of my normal routine, which, actually, is fine. I've been praying for a change, and apparently, this is it. It's nice to feel needed, and I get to hang out with Yanni all day, which is fun, since he's smart and willing to talk about absolutely anything. And he listens to different music than I, which is helping to introduce new music to my listening repertoire.

Thank you, Gondor! Good night!

On a completely unrelated note, congratulations to Mattson Tomlin, who had his blog chosen to be eBlogger's "Blog of Note" the other day. Dang, that's cool. Trust me, it's a big deal. One side benefit so far (other than many new "followers") is that he's updated his blog 2 days in a row! Today's post is (was) about costuming on his reshoot of Solomon Grundy. Go check it out!

On another unrelated note, the blog Fantasy Book Critic posted something I found interesting - probably because I read Legend by David Gemmell... I don't know how many of you have also read it, but even if you didn't, you might want to check out a recent post they made about the genesis of Gemmell's character Druss the Legend, including the posting of a rare short story Gemmell wrote about the early events in the life of Druss. It isn't a long read - feel free to pop on over and check it out. Even if you don't read it, there are some cool drawings that accompany the text.

OK, video time. I'll let you decide which one you want to watch. First is a clip I saw on Today's Big Thing, which features a soccer goal celebration... I can't decide if it's really cool, or extremely lame.

If there was an ad before the clip, I apologize. I hate that!

OK, the next video is the latest Pooter video by Jack Vale... I can't help it, I find these clips endlessly amusing... and trust me, I've REALLY needed a good laugh lately. Yes, it is humor of the basest sort, but I laughed so hard, my stomach muscles felt like they'd been through 50 sit-ups...

Jack got a new HD camera! Now you can watch people get disgusted in hi def! Whee!

So I'm still making my way through Devices and Desires, by KJ Parker. What an interesting combination of fantasy and analytical engineering. I think Logan would love this book, and it's characters. It appeals to the part of me that loves a good adventure, as well as the part of me that loves to figure stuff out and see how things work (logic problems, strategizing, that sort of thing). I can see how Parker gets bashed a bit by those that think he/she is too dry or dull... but I don't have that problem. I must fit squarely into the intended demographic. Very well done - I'm savoring it. Much more so since I know there are three books in the series. I can easily see myself accumulating all of Parker's books... there are many...

I saw this funny plate while driving the other day in Mira Mesa... Snapped a quick pic.

OK, what else?

I had a boba drink the other day for the first time. It's hard to describe, unless you've had it. Here is a link to a wikipedia page about it... it's like an ice cream drink, with these little "balls" of tapioca mixed in, that, frankly, are slimy. But delicious. It comes with a fat straw, and as you drink it, you suck up the tapioca balls and chew 'em up. It's a weird sensation to get used to. Certainly unique. I'm sure I'll try it again...

It looks weird/gross, but actually it is yummy and fun... no clue if it's fattening or not...

OK, I think that's it for now. That should give you plenty to think about. If not, here's one last funny pic...




logankstewart said...

Gee whizz, man, what a post. And by gee whizz, I don't mean cheese whiz. And by post, I don't mean a piece of lumber used for fencing. And by fencing I don't mean the sport that looks like sword-fighters are trying to stab each other. Pure villany.

Anyway. Excellent post. That picture of Boromir almost made me spew up my Mt. Dew on my desk. That is way too funny.

Mattson's selection as a Blog of Note is awesome. I hope it gives him a giant boost in fandom. I, for one, love his stuff and style, and I can't wait to get my hands on the whole Solomon Grundy set.

Yes, yes, Legend is on my TBR list. As is KJ Parker's Engineer series. Personally, I think Parker's books have awesome covers. And by covers I don't mean singing somebody else's song.

If texting & driving is illegal, is photographing and driving? I think not. That's a nice plate, though, eh? Not the kind you eat on, either, though I guess one could.

Boba drink... Fett's younger, less evolved clone-brother. Sounds disgusting.

Mattson Tomlin said...

mm! Thanks for the plug, and great to plug into you once again! (And to you, Logan!)

It's a funny thing, breaking routine. I don't think I've ever managed to stay in one for more than a few months at most, but coming out of it always recharges me. it's always changing.

Lydia said...

ehhh... i can't believe i'm going to comment about a fart video... but when that lady's cart was stuck... i really laughed out loud :)

I call it bubble tea, and it is gooood, and high in calories!

-stranger from WA

Abbie said...

hey dave!
haha, nice pics. Boromir would totally say that! lol :) and boba isn't too bad... it definitely is super weird!

Drydoryssus said...

I've never encountered a single ad before your videos, and by that I mean, I absolutely loved the funny pics.

[ logical-error alarm goes off ]

Boy, I hate it when the theme beat messes with my syntax ...