Saturday, March 26, 2016

Popping In, Goofing Off and Popping Out Again

Let's see if I can sneak back in here, hands in pockets, whistling, and pretend that I haven't been an absentee bloggist for such a long stretch... "Oh, hey, sorry, I lost the address to this blog, and my GPS was wonky, so I couldn't find my way back here!"

Hello to anyone who might have likewise wandered in here! It's me, Dave the Meanderthal! Do you remember me? Remember what I look like? Goofy, lumbering white nerd, big nose, bad posture? Remember?

Here's a photo, to jar your memory...

Partially hiding behind a giant bag of Smartfood... I eat it all the time now... you know, to get smarter...

I can feel it working! MUAHAHAHAH!!!

So, I was wondering if you were wondering if I was wondering if you were wondering what I've been doing the past [grumble grumble] weeks while I've been MIA?

Here is this short answer, in the form of a handy list....

List Of Things Dave Has Been Up To Of Late:

  • Combat Training: Kicking my butt. But the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. The main drawback, of course, being general soreness and perpetual state of butt-kickedness. The benefits are that I'm getting in better shape, and my confidence is increasing, and hey, I'm learning a new skill, which is cool, seeing as how it sort of undercuts the whole "can't teach an old dog new tricks" truism... I won't be able to post any video footage of my training, however... you'll need to wait to see the results on the screen when we finish shooting the next section of BTI...
  • Writing: My main writing projects at the moment are Momentum (with/for the esteemed Rob Dey) and a pair of play scripts which will hopefully be produced locally (with/for the esteemed Andrew Ian). 
  • Short Film: A script I wrote last December for a short film is moving into pre-production. It's exciting for me, since I'm using it as a chance to learn what it's like to helm a film project. I get to pick my own team, involve people that I want to work with (on both sides of the camera), see what all the steps are and take the complete ride from concept to screen (knock on wood). I really hope it will actually happen. Going to be a bit tight-lipped about the details for now...
  • Easter: By the time you read this (if ever, lol), this year's Easter production will be overwith (it happens tomorrow, as I type this), and it will be difficult to explain. We will, however, be video-taping it, so I will hopefully post it up here for your amusement/edification. 
  • Daredevil: I've been working my way through the second season of Daredevil on Netflix, and I have to say, it holds it's own. It's nowhere near as awesome as the first season, but it does have some solid elements going for it, most notably that of Jon Bernthal's terrific performance as Frank Castle (aka The Punisher). Of the returning cast, I still wish I could punch Foggy in his face, and I could do without Karen Page - honestly, two of the least appealing main characters in any show I've ever seen. But Charlie Cox is a great Daredevil, and Scott Glenn is fantastic as Stick. All in all, a solid show with some great moments... but the writing/dialog was far weaker this season.
  • Mistborn Trilogy: I've been re-reading this series by Brandon Sanderson, and it's as awesome as I remember it was. The problem, of course, is that I keep occasionally adding more books from my wishlist to my collection (you know, when they drop to $1.99 for the day or some such), and my collection grows and grows.... it will literally take me years to read them all... 
  • Diablo 3/Minecraft: Of course.

So I know this pretty much goes without saying, since I'm sure just about all of you agree with me... but what the heck is going on with the Presidential race this year? Really? Trump and Hillary? If there are two people on the face of the earth I would want for President LESS than those two, I don't know who it would be. Trump is a buffoon and Hillary is a liar. I'll take Obama for a third term, please.

Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do, come November...

There's a new skate video featuring the truly unique, creative skills of skater Richie Jackson. The music is annoying (so mute it), but the 6-minute video is well worth watching.

My life has settled into a comfortable routine, centered around the combat training elements... the days are sliding by, which is both good and not-so-good, I suppose... good in that I'm enjoying things, and bad in that when I do occasionally come up for a breath, I see that weeks have passed... I don't get in here much, but I haven't forgotten the blog or you... just know that I'm doing fine and plugging along... if/when something happens that I feel you'd enjoy reading about, I'll pop in here, but really, there's no way of knowing when that will be.

I trust things are going well for you on your end.

Take care.

Dave the Goof, signing off

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Valerie said...

Hi David, really looking forward to seeing the Easter play, April said it was so anointed and really ministered to everyone, she said the best ever ! Holler at us in Facebook land when you get it posted and David can I share it on my Facebook news feed when you do post it ? I'd love too ! Blessings in Christ David have a wonderful day Bro.