Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bill the Cat for President!


I love that photo. I know "love" is a strong word... but, yeah... I love that photo....

This blog.

This blog is (and has always been) a chronicle of my life, at the moment. I was going to say "as any good blog is", but that's not true... I visit many different blogs... I can't really think of another like this one. And no, I don't mean "another blog that chronicles the life of David L Wagner, Professional Goober"... I mean, one that chronicles the life of its author... which means either I'm unique, or I'm doing it wrong...

Anyways, the life of me.

If anyone beyond my dear sweet mother actually still reads this blog, you're aware that I've been a bit of a broken record for the past several months. It's all acting and BTI and 48 Hour Film Festival and classes at Adler Improv, etc. It's all writing and acting.... and honestly, as I pulled open this "new post" window and prepared to write, guess what popped up to the tips of my fingers, poised and ready to spill out into this post?

BTI script. BTI kickstarter. 48 Hour Film Festival "Best Of" screening. Acting classes at Adler Improv.

I've been wrestling with that as I write this (because I can write and wrestle at the same time! I'm talented like that!). Do I ignore all that? Do I unload yet another "acty/writy" post on you? Do I chuck it and drop weirdness on you? I enjoy weirdness as much as you do... but if this blog chronicles my life, and my life at the moment is acty/writy stuff, whats a Professional Goober to do?

So I don't feel dishonest, the extremely short answer to my pressing issues are: BTI is going amazingly, and becoming more of a juggernaut every day. The script-writing process is hard but rewarding. The Kickstarter needs a huge kick to the buttocks if we hope to hit our goal. The 48 Hour Best Of Screening was worth attending, and yielded some great moments (as well as some puzzling ones). Acting Classes were great when I actually got to go. And now, I will likely not go at least in September, maybe longer (even though I love the classes and really need them).

OK, that is a huge potential post condensed into one paragraph.

Bacon-wrapped onion rings.... yes please!!!

I did it again. I left my iPad on top of my car and drove away. It has been a week and I still haven't bought a new one. I need new tires on my car. I need to get the carpets cleaned in my house. I recently got dental work. I got new headshots done. So I have been spending money (and still need to) on these (and other) big-ticket items. So I can't quite get myself to drop the three-hundred dollars on a new iPad Mini... the guilt is strong....

If I'd lost it before my birthday, I might have been able to get a new one as a (combined?) gift from several people. But I lost it after all of the birthday-related gift-furor had died down...

Alas, I am iPadless. I feel naked. And ashamed for losing it.

I now officially belong to Twitter, as well as Instagram. Proud of me?

Oh, I mentioned new headshots. Here they are...

I posted them really small, so I don't come across as needlessly narcissistic. If you wanna see them bigger, click 'em! Anyways, I'm going to need my hair kept very short at least through the end of the year, so I needed to get my agent new headshots, so when they send them out on potential jobs, their clients have an accurate representation of what I look like. We'll be filming a ton of BTI in the coming months...

Dangit! I'm talking acty/writy stuff again!

Another cat photo. That should set things right again. Cat photos always set things right! That's why I started this post with one! Those lions are awesome...

Bloom County. One of my very favorite comic strips of all time. Growing up, it absorbed my imagination, along with other great strips, like Farside, Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts. I loved Bill the Cat and Opus, Steve Dallas and Cutter, Portnoy and Milo and Binkley and the whole gang. Like all of the great strips I mentioned, the time came when the cartoonist who drew it (Berke Breathed) called it quits.

Recently, however, Mr. Breathed surprised the hipster/comics world by suddenly resurrecting the strip, publishing it only on Facebook, bypassing the "way it used to be done" with publishers and newspapers and deadlines and insane pressure and creative restraints. The era of self-publishing has breathed (no pun intended) new life into a classic, plus giving Berke the freedom to pull no punches, as far as the content. And he can release new strips whenever he wants to.

Truly a happy time. Here, read this article. It is a good one. And read the new strips here, on Berke's Facebook page.

So, yeah. Summer is ending. With all due respect to GRR Martin, Fall is Coming.... this has been quite a year so far, and it promises to increase in intensity and amazingness.

I apologize ahead of time if things continue to be acty/writy heavy in this blog. It's where I'm at. I only scratched the surface... there are other things acty/writy I could have mentioned, but I spare you them for now.

Until we meet again!

Bye mom!

Dave the Professional Goober


Anonymous said...

Still reading. It helps when you post the link on FB. Glad you and your family are enjoying your new career. BA

David Wagner said...

Thanks BA! Take care.