Friday, March 6, 2015

In the Homestretch!

Whoa! Frightful weather out there tonight, eh!

Hello to almost every last one of you! There's one person from whom I am consciously withholding a hello... you know who you are! I withhold a hello from you tonight because you deserve far more than a simple, heartfelt hello! You deserve O so much more! You deserve a hearty handshake and an innocuous ruffle of your hair!

Well, I suppose that would rule out all females, eh? I can't think of a female in my acquaintance who would want her hair innocuously ruffled. Women are particular about their hair, aren't they... especially if they're wearing a wig and I didn't realize it! Then they get angry, right? No one wants her wig ruffled...

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah...

The premiere for Origin: Beyond the Impact is a week away! I'm excited, to say the least. I've seen more of the edited footage, and man, it is even better than I'd hoped it would be. The excitement levels are at an all-time high, on the cast, crew and beyond... as far as when you among the great, swirling, unwashed masses can see the results of our lengthy labors, that will depend in large part upon what happens at the premiere. I better not say any more at this point (even though I *really* want to)... suffice to say, in a week or so, I will update this blog with photographic evidence of the evening, and provide a detailed recap of the (hopefully memorable) events, and we can discuss it more at length at that time.

A black wolf. Not trying to be philosophical or symbolic or anything... I just like the photo.

What else?

Life continues as it has since the beginning of the year, in most respects.

-- I'm still working out with my physical trainer (Vince!) once a week (and threatening emptily to work out additional days in the interim). 
-- I'm still going up to LA on Tuesdays to my acting class at Adler Improv (and threatening emptily to come up Thursdays as well). I've had two of my San Diego friends come up with me the past two Tuesdays to audit the class up there, and they each will be joining the class in the upcoming weeks. The drive up used to be a bit of a dread, but anymore I don't even think about it. 
-- I'm still steadily reading novels. I finished The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter (Rod Duncan) recently, and am trying new titles to see what hooks me. 
-- I'm still saving the world from the hateful zombie scourge, in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. Much fun. Knock 'em down and stomp on their heads! Woof woof! 
-- I'm still playing the guitar routinely. I'm getting my callouses back! 
-- I'm still tinkering with my first screenplay, and concurrently coming up with a ridiculous collection of story ideas for movies, books and serials. 
-- I'm still pretending that Tax Day is not looming like an angry thunderhead. Man, what I wouldn't give for money to be a non-issue. Being debt-free must be the most amazing feeling...

And now, 20 minutes of Bill Murray on the David Letterman Show, from last January...

Bill Murray just might be the Greatest of All-Time...

So what else?

Nothing else! Just in a bit of a holding pattern until the premiere. The cool thing is that Jeff (the director & series creator) told me today that the premiere is small potatoes compared to what he has planned for the future... and I have no reason to doubt the man.

Great days ahead, methinks!

Adios for now,

Dave the Indefatigable Goof

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Anonymous said...

So happy for you...when you really get deep into this acting/writing thing please bring Bill Murray home for dinner.....what fun....KB15