Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Wanderers Need Not Apply...


Did I have you at 'hello'?

Funny word, hello. It has "hell" in it, right there at the front! What's that all about? I guess it beats saying "heaveno", eh?

You know what else is weird? Saying "you're welcome" after someone saying thank you.
A: "Thank you for doing that for me."
B: "You are welcome."
A: "I'm welcome to what, exactly? What are you talking about?!?"
B: "Uh, well... I suppose you are welcome to appreciate the nice thing that I did for you..."
A: "Wait... I need your permission or approval to appreciate your act of kindness? What if I'm thankful without your permission?"
B: "Well, then you'd be welcome to a punch in the breadbasket..."

I find myself staring at that photo instead of typing this. I would apologize for the length of time this is taking me to type, but hey, won't matter to you, I'm sure!

A: "I apologize for being distracted by that beautiful picture up there."
B: "You are welcome."
A: "Don't punch me again!"

I have a long wishlist of books on Amazon that I keep an eye on, waiting for sales and price drops, at which time I snap them up like some sort of crazed fiend. Recently, the Kindle version of John Kennedy Toole's wonderful book "A Confederacy of Dunces" dropped from it's normal $8 price down to $1.99 for the day, and I was fortunate enough to catch it. Bought it, filed it away, but knew I would be getting to it sooner rather than later. I was right. Currently 30% through it, and enjoying Ignatius Reilly and his bothersome valve every bit as much as I have on the previous visits with him. Such a funny book, if you haven't read it, you really owe it to yourself to read it.

Of course, the story behind the writing and publishing of it is a fascinating discovery in and of itself. Published posthumously after his suicide at age 31, it was the only book Toole would write. Tormented soul, that sort of thing. His mother found the only faded dog-eared copy of the manuscript after his death, and in 1976 walked it into one Walter Percy, Loyola Professor, who tried his best to get out of having to read it. And when he finally read it, was dumbfounded by he'd seen. The book ended up winning the Pulitzer Prize for Literature...

I'll try to do a book review of it when I finish it -- I'll give you the punchline now: One of my favorite non-fantasy books of all time, and a wildly enjoyable and amusing read. Trust me - Ignatius ranks right up there with the greatest characters in literature. And the supporting cast is terrific as well.

So, yeah, look for that soon! Aren't you fortunate?!/

And now, these two chaps do the best Michael Caine impressions you've ever heard. (Warning: F-bomb at 0:36, for those with delicate constitutions).

I was so intrigued by this exchange, I watched the full source material today, called The Trip (2010), in which these two travel over northern England, eating in fine restaurants, and chatting, and doing a remarkable array of impressions, many are equally terrific, though some were admittedly less than par. A good watch though. Some great dialog, much of which I'm sure was improvised.

OK, shifting gears...

On Sunday the 30th (tomorrow, as I write these words), I will be doing some hands-on research for my first screenplay! Woohoo! I'll be going to a local games shop to sit in (observer-style) on a group game of Dungeons and Dragons, by a dedicated crew of local players. I'm interested in the game dynamics, and I want to see if I can co-opt the rules and modify them for the movie I'm writing. I contacted the group leader, and he has agreed to let me join them, and (hopefully, at an appropriate time) ask some questions. I'm pretty excited, actually. After I finish this post, I'll get back to assembling my questions.  It will be helpful to see the game in action, and also be able to talk to people that know the game well. I've read the latest edition of the rules book, but it's still pretty confusing...

"Class, open your Player's Handbook to page 57..."

So I saw a movie last night with my stepdad, called Now You See Me, which is sort of a heist movie-mystery flick you may have heard of. I really wanted to like this movie - and for about 15 minutes or so, I was into it. But it quickly spiraled into implausible mediocrity, and left me wondering (yet again) at how difficult it must be to get all the pieces of a movie put together correctly, and have it result in a great film. I am learning more and more about the film-making process, from concept to finish, and I realize what a monumental undertaking it all is, taken as a whole, so I'm more apt to cut films (and those that make them) a lot more slack than I used to. Still, it's hard for me to believe that some of the scenes that I saw last night made it all the way through to the final shooting script intact. I'd give the film a 5, for questionable casting choices, illogical story elements, ham-fisted story-telling, and a truly retarded "twist" at the end.

And now, a cool Best of Web montage clip to watch in HD...

Bah, figures, they'd put a chick in the thumbnail... what's that all about? Lemme see if I can disable the thumbnail... the clip has nothing to do with a chick in a bathing suit... It's one of those "people doing cool sporty things in slow motion to dance music" clips that are fun to watch...

I hope you watched the clip anyway... good stuff, visually...

OK, I'm going to stop now. Because I need to get other stuff done! And you're only deserving of a certain portion of my awesomeness! No offense... O_o

Adios for now, eh!

Dave the Gump


Anonymous said...

Sounds so cool - researching for your movie script!

Please don't let years go by before the sequel is released :)


Abbie Josephsen said...

The Trip was a good movie! Well, I only saw half of it, by going in and out, but the impressions were really good :) I definitely think that Coogan was a better Caine :D

David Wagner said...

Beth: Sitting in with the group was great fun, and I learned a lot. Very helpful group. I'll be going back next week, for sure. They gave me a lot to look into.

Abbie: I enjoyed The Trip as well, but only about 3.5 stars out of 5, I'd say. There were parts that dragged and other parts that were a bit too self-serving for my tastes. But I'm glad I watched it.