Friday, December 9, 2011

I Might Have Nothing To Say Today... Let's See, Shall We?

Dang... you know I'm down to the dregs in my picture archive when I open with a picture like that... Time to lurk around PhotoSIG some more, and replenish my landscapey-photo supplies.

Although that is a pretty cool art installation... From what I understand, it's supposed to honor the inventor of the clothes pin, but perhaps that was spontaneous nonsense, who knows... kinda clever, in any case...

OK, so, just so you know, I have nothing to say tonight. Nope, absolutely nothing. Not a word.

Well, I do have this picture of a funny sign modification...

... but that's it. Nothing else to share. Nope. Nothing.

Well, I mean, I am reading a really good fantasy book, called Theft of Swords, by Michael Sullivan. I mentioned it a post or two ago. Good, solid characters, a swiftly-unfolding plot, nice action, some humor, clean, easy to read and follow, shows great promise.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I failed miserably at the NaNoWriMo challenge this year. I made a good start, then fell a day behind, then two... once I was three days behind my pace, the whole thing fell apart. I was sunk by a combination of competing projects, an amazing game, and in-home turmoil. Those are my excuses. Valid, but still excuses nonetheless. Plus, the play, of course. I took on too much this year again... I really need to learn to delegate better. We had practice tonight. It was a good one, though certain key people were missing. We are officially 8 days away from performance time, as I write this. I go back and forth between sheer panic and total confidence. I plan on spending most of Saturday going over my monologues like a fiend. If I can really nail my part, it will anchor the play solidly, and hold the entire thing together, shoring up any weak areas. If I spend the rest of the time focusing on the weaker areas, but fail to nail my part, the whole thing could dissolve in my hands, and I can't have that.

There, see? I told you. I have nothing to say tonight. Nope, not a word.

But I do have this drawing...

So, we are now a "Two-Kindle Fire" family. I bought one for Katie for Christmas, and once everyone got a look at it, I ordered another one for Wifey (who will be "sharing" it with our Youngest). Eldest decided she didn't want one, otherwise we'd be a Three-Kindle Family. It finally dawned on me two days ago, the play-on-words with that gadget's name. Believe it or not, I never associated the word "kindle" with "fire" before that... as in "kindling a fire"... well, I certainly hope none of the Wagner Women decide to use their kindle as kindling...

But beyond that, absolutely nothing to talk about tonight, as I said.

Except we are having in-laws coming for the holidays, and I'm not sure how we are going to fit everyone under our roof. My brother-in-law John is coming, with his wife and three kids, plus they are bringing Wifey's mother along as well. They will be here from about Dec 20 through the New Year. Don't get me wrong, I love them, and always enjoy their company... it's just going to be a madhouse around here... it galls me to have to have people I love sleeping on the floor, but we don't have enough beds/couches to accommodate everyone comfortably... I'm trying not to get stressed about it, but rather look at it like it will be an adventure...

Nope, nothing to say tonight.

Dang... looks like a school-yard rumble about to begin... my money's on Hobbes...

I'd post a video, but I've been having Flash-related crashes lately with Chrome, so I can't browse like I usually do... I do have a couple good ones slotted, once I get the problem fixed... but until then, nope, I have absolutely nothing to say. Mum's the word tonight. Yep, complete silence...

By the way, I am SUCH the dragonslayer, you know... yes, that's a Skyrim reference... if you aren't playing Skyrim, shame on you. Don't you want to be a hero and kill dragons and explore stuff and save the world? DON'T YOU!? Well, what's wrong with you, then!? Not the heroic type, eh? Well, then why are you wearing that necktie, then? Yeah, those are heroic colors for a necktie, you must have it in you to be a hero! You MUST! There, it's been decided then. Buy Skyrim, play it, slay dragons, live. LIVE!

But beyond that, I have nothing at all to say.

Except one question... Why on earth does Yogurtland only serve Eggnog Yogurt ONE DAY PER YEAR!? Don't they know I'd buy it every day if they only had it?! Is there anything better in the world than Eggnog Yogurt, with graham cracker crumbs, some shredded coconut and a few dark chocolate flakes on it? I mean other than Jesus, of course... come on, you don't really think I'd rank Eggnog Yogurt higher than Jesus on The List of Best Things in Life, do you? Sheesh, come on! The list is this: Jesus, then Eggnog Yogurt, then listening to Toxicity by System of a Down REALLY loud on your car radio as you drive, followed by a baby's laugh, Skyrim, Steam Sales, a good book, the LOTR Extended Trilogy DVD set, getting a fat paycheck, and finally a nice, healthy bowel movement. Yes, that is the complete Top Ten. If you beg to differ, post your own list in the comments!

Man, I'm so sorry I have nothing to say tonight...

I do have another picture though...

Come on, admit it... that's pretty funny...

Quick, say this out loud: "So, you sold your soldier's soul?"

Yeah, like that. Cool, eh?

Suddenly, Dave was very tired. He glanced up from his monitor to the clock. It read 11:40 pm. He yawned and contemplated the weekend that stretched out before him. He wondered if the weekend would prove to be productive. Much there was for him to do, and strong was the impulse to flee it all. But flee he could not do, for that is not the way of the hero. A hero owns up to his responsibilities and shoulders them like a champ. Would that describe Dave by the time Monday appeared? Or will his weekend be characterized by game-playing, book-reading, responsibility-shirking and copious amounts of flatulence? Dave supposed only time would tell.

Until that time (Dave typed), farewell!

Dave the Tired


Anonymous said...

The clothespin pic is very cool, as is the Jazz Hands one.

My family has those blow up mattresses for extra people - the newer ones aren't as horrible as the old ones. Ask around and see if anyone has one you can borrow (I wouldn't buy one, they're over $100.00.

I thought you had bamboo shoots put up your nails if you missed ANY play practices. Times, they are a changin'. ;)

Eggnog is awesome. They have a holiday eggnog coffee creamer that is deelish, also Celestial Teas has an eggnog tea that my girls drink. We love it, and it's only 1,000 calories a glass!

Not sure about the graham cracker crumbs, though.

2.Being with all my kids at the same time.
3.Knowing I'll see David again.
4.That I have a job in this economy (But loving my job is 332 on the list).
5.Going out to lunch with a friend.
6.Live performances of almost any kind (My kids are top on that list).
8.I really miss getting facials
10.Reading is starting to creep its way back up the list.....

The play will be fabulous. Have a great holiday with your fam.

Beth A.

Drydoryssus said...

[ nothing to say ]

[ ... well, there was an intended comment about all that virtual heroism ... ]

[ ... ah, never mind; too bored; nothing to say. Out ]

logankstewart said...

Um, I think the Sullivan series looks pretty good, too. I loved the older covers before he was signed on by his current publisher. He designed those himself, I believe.

Coincidentally, ever since the Kindle Fire was announced, I've read that phrase several times throughout the Old Testament, and every time I do I think about Amazon and the Fire.

Only thing left to say is this.

David Wagner said...

Beth: My mom has an extra bed! So she's letting us borrow it. That will help. I'd love to avoid inflatable mattresses if at all possible, but it may still come to that.

Loved your list... of course, you had to make a serious list, to make me feel like a complete goof! Mine was obviously spontaneous/silly... I hope that was understood...

Thanks for the encouragement on the play.

Dry: Ah, a man of few words! Wish I could say the same of myself. If I said the same of myself, I hope it would be with few words...

Logan: Having mixed reactions to the Sullivan book. I may spell them out in a review, if I feel up to the challenge (of not being rude, if at all possible).

One of the few DMB songs I know all the words to (having listened to it a jillion times)! Thanks for linking it. It was great to hear it again.

David Wagner said...

"Open up my head and let me out"

"Sometimes, I find it's easy to be myself. Sometimes, I find it's better to be someone else"

"Treadin' trodden trails"

Love it. Thanks again, Logan.