Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Looks, New Books, and Crazy Russians...

Greetings again. Thought I'd post again. You know, just to keep you guessing...

Also thought I'd tweak the look of my blog a bit. You'll notice a nice, dark grey theme instead of the usual white one. And of course, the new header. I made a couple new headers to try out, but went with the moody one for now. Here are the others, in case you want to vote!

Mostly landscapey-type shots... but as pretty as they are, they're kind of bland. I'm looking for something a bit more edgy and angsty. I'll keep experimenting - not completely sold on the black, moody one I chose - though I do like the big ghosted letters in the blog title. Yes, I realize you can barely see the letters... that's the point! Sheesh!

It does fit my mood today, at least. Was thinking about death again. Hang on, bear with me here. Every now and then I get flooded with a realization that everything and everyone dies, great and small, famous and anonymous. How many billions of people have been born, lived, died, that we know nothing of? I really do think that death is just no big deal, in the grand scheme. Nothing to fear, in other words. It happens to everyone - how scary can it be? It doesn't take any special skill or ability. I can't picture God being that particularly bothered by it. By now, He's seen deaths by the jillions. Caused a lot Himself, if the Old Testament is to be trusted.

I was thinking about many of the Old Testament heroes, and what their trials would be like if they were alive today. You know they'd be arrested and put on trial. How many Bible Greats would be considered mass- or serial-murderers? King David would be tried for war crimes, and compared to the most bloody, brutal rulers in history... I mean, that guy personally killed A LOT of people. Elijah called down fire from heaven, which consumed 100 soldiers and 2 captains... plus single-handedly slew the prophets of Baal on the top of Mt. Carmel. Moses killed. Gideon killed. Elisha cursed those kids that mocked him, and the two bears came out and gobbled them up. Joshua. Judges. Samson, of course. Samuel hacked the King of the Amalekites to pieces with a sword. David's Mighty Men ran wild. Seems a lot of death was perfectly fine with God. That's why I tend to think that it just isn't a big deal to Him. People die by the thousands every die across the world. I wonder if it moves Him at all anymore?

Yeah, I know, I've likely talked on this before in this blog. But, hey, it's on my mind of late, what with the odd chest pains I've been having.

OK, I'll shift gears.

Question: What should a sane man do when he has a shelf-full of books waiting to be read? Answer: Buy more books, of course!


I stopped by Barnes & Noble today after work, to unwind by drinking a frap and wandering the wonderful aisles of books, and I saw the new KJ Parker book, The Hammer, which was released today, actually. I had a B&N gift card burning a hole in my wallet, so I snatched it up. I also looked for Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton and Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay, but they didn't have either in stock. Guess I'll buy the Kindle versions...

One could possibly wonder why I'd buy the Parker book, when I haven't even finished the first book of his/her Engineer trilogy yet. What can I say? I am nothing, if not a man skating on the edge of sanity!

And now:

Something that Absolutely No One but Me Will Find Interesting: A year or two ago, the makers of one of my favorite games ever, Battlefield 2, created a new Battlefield game that was free to play online, called Battlefield Heroes, which, honestly, appealed to me NOT AT ALL, for many reasons. It was cartoony (like Team Fortress 2, another game I don't like), and it was third person. I'm an FPS guy, sorry. Anyway, the game fizzled. The good news (and the part that's interesting to me) is that they regrouped and decided to tweak the original Battlefield 2 game, which I dearly love, and are going to make that game free to play! Woot!

[By the way, when I say "free to play", I mean, you don't have to buy the game or pay to play it... you know, a free game. As in, you don't, like, pay anything. It's... uh... free!]

The reason I bring it up is that I will be contacting each of you, personally, to find out what role you'd like to play in the new BF2 clan I'm making for us. Think of it! We can squad up every night, and hit the servers, and own some noobs! Of course, I'll be Anti-tank, and lead the squad that focuses on defending control points. The rest of you will form up into 4-man squads for coordinated assaults. We'll go over the specific, targeted strategies for each of the maps, have exhaustive practice sessions several nights a week, and communicate in coded messages, based on a variation of the Nazi's "Enigma" machine from WW2, in case other clans try to hack into our practice and listen in.

Think of it! O, what fun we will have!

Speaking of crazy Russian motorcyclists with a deathwish, watch this....

Yeah, that just about made me simultaneously lose my lunch and soil myself.

I'm done with this post. Who knows what 2011 will bring? Let's find out together, shall we?



HelloAndy said...

Buying more books is always a good answer. :) My problem is that I'm starting to get a pile of books I'm half-ways in to, but then got distracted by a new book.

Anyways, it's great to hear that you are as excited about Battlefield Play4Free as we are! The mix of popular BF2 maps but with better graphics and settings, and the addition of new weapons from Bad Company 2 makes it a familiar but unique Battlefield Experience, especially combined with the Training system where you train your solder deeper into specializations.

Tell me if you need any code to get into the closed beta.:)

See you on the battlefield!
HelloAndy, developer

logankstewart said...

I love the cover of The Hammer. I've not read any KJ Parker, but I really want to. One of these days...

Current header is... bleak. Definitely angst heavy there, friend. But it says a lot, too.

How in the world did that cyclist do that? No cops, either? Crazy, I say.

Keep me guessing.

Abbie Josephsen said...

DAVE! So glad you are back :)

Grace finished The Way of Kings as well, and she liked it :) I hope to bring it to you tomorrow when I pick up Eldest.

Finish your novel! I want to read more of it :)

Oh, and this might cheer you! More of those Simon's cat videos :)

Giuseppe said...

I missed my bowl of Dave in the morning greatly. Glad you're back with us.

One of the reasons is you always have good recommendations on books! I got a Kindle for Christmas and the only quality literature on it so far is Way of Kings. I haven't started it yet, I'm scared I will enjoy it and pine for the following episodes.

We should get together and share Kindle books. I have a few Star Trek books that have your name all over them... Okay they're just samples, I wouldn't actually spend money on them but still, just for old times sake.

Anyways, glad to see you back.

David Wagner said...

Andy: Super-stoked about all things Battlefield 2. I've logged over 640 hours of play time since it came out. I know that's not a lot compared to the thousands that others have played. Still, I enjoy the game, and have been known to single-handedly defend control points against multiple attackers. I love defending - something you don't see much.

Logan: Parker is a fun, smart writer. Highly recommended. And I'm sure I'll cycle out the current header soon.

Abbie: The novel ain't dead, it's just resting...

Joe: Bought a copy of Game of Thrones the other day for the Kindle. 5 bucks, well spent. My "real" copy is falling apart. I've read it three and a half times so far! Don't think the digital version will fall apart... I don't know if the quality of all Star Trek books are the same, but if they compare to that turd that you let me read, than I'll pass, thanks...