Sunday, April 4, 2010

All This Happened To Us, Though We Had Not Forgotten You. (Psalm 44:17)

Gee, I guess I only update my blog on holidays now, is that it? April Fool's Day and Easter? Man, what a slacker I am...

I better keep an Easter theme going today, for consistency's sake... first, here's the Gutbuster of the Day, from This Is Why You're Fat. Yes, it is Peep Sushi!

Yes, I know... peeps are disgusting. But combined with rice krispy treats and those red candy belts, it makes it all better, right? Right?

We had the Easter Pageant thingy at church today, and it was well-done and well-received (as I expected) in spite of a fairly major technical difficulty... during the middle of the production, the circuit upstairs was triggered, shutting off the spotlight and the computer system. It was resolved in about 10 minutes (thanks, Mr. Wilson!) but a rather key scene went without spotlight effects that were rather important (sorry, Stan!). Plus, with the computer system shutting down suddenly, it corrupted the DVD recording that was in progress, so we lost the whole thing to that point. Good thing we recorded the  rehearsals the night before...

Other than that, I think it went very well. Shannon rocked it as the lead dancer, doing several ballet-inspired dances that (I believe) she choreographed herself. Pastor said that "nothing the church has ever done before came anywhere close to today's production." Hey, I thought it was very good today, but I also know that we have done many, many other very good productions over the years... something tells me Pastor doesn't quite fully recall some of our other productions, and the time/effort/energy/sweat/etc. that dozens of people have poured into them over the years. That's not to take away anything from today's pageant, but I couldn't help but get rankled a bit at the seeming minimalization of our other efforts throughout the years. Maybe if he had said "we've done awesome things before, but this is the best," it would have been different... but nothing else has even come close? Hmmm..... not sure I agree. Again, today was great... but I think other productions have also been great...

We had a very impressive earthquake in SoCal this afternoon too! Honestly, I enjoyed every second of it. I sat there with a big smile, as my mom's house trembled and creaked and things swayed and tipped over for about a full minute. Of course, my humor would likely have waned quickly if the intensity had picked up a bit more... nothing takes away a smile like a collapsing roof! That gladly didn't occur. It was fun, though. Haven't felt a quake like that in 20 years or more.

In keeping with the Easter theme, here's a Jack Vale pooter video...

No, it's not sacrilegious! On his YouTube profile, Jack Vale says his favorite book is the Bible, so he must be a Christian, right? And there's scriptural support for his antics, including the obvious ones: "Make a joyful noise" (Psalm 66:1), "blow a trumpet in Zion" (Joel 2:1), and "remember that my life is wind" (Job 7:7)

Kristopher has posted a bunch of movie trailers up on his blog, if you want to get a feel for stuff "coming soon to a theater near you."

Still a bit out of sorts, health-wise. Gonna grab some medicine, grab a book, and grab some sleep.

Grab ya later!


PS: OK, I have to hop back on here and embed this trailer mash-up I just watched. This is so well done, it blows me away. It mashes the Law Abiding Citizen trailer with characters from the game Team Fortress 2. You have to check this out.

Adios fer reals now...


Krista said...

Hey, I love PEEPS and those look pretty good, too! lol.

The church I've been going to for the past few months haven't done any plays yet, though I would love to see a good one.

The church I used to go to and sometimes go to when I visit my grandparents have plays. This may be bad/mean to say, but they have a tiny stage and their plays are not very good either. :(

It's awesome your churches play went well even with the mishap. You should share a video of one of yalls plays sometime! :)

That picture of the dancer and the wilted tulip as her skirt is so pretty, and would totally be something fascinating to draw :)

Loved Law Abiding Citizen, and that video was pretty cool!!

Glad you had a wonderful Easter! All the best!

Rebecca said...

Krista, sorry but I HATE peeps! LOL. They're so gross. All fluffy, and sticky sweet, with their creepy little faces. Ughh...

I loved that earthquake too Dave. I am glad though that it wasn't the "big one" that everyone predicts. It was such a nice long roll. Although it did cause some mild panic across the country. Ha ha.

Easter was good. You just have to laugh when Pastor makes those remarks Dave. I am sure he said it about your stuff, and Liz'z, and now Sandi's production. I am sure he'll wax eloquently about the next program and completely forget what he thought about this Easter. All in all, we do have an excellent group of peeps. Shannon's dance (which she did choreograph herself) was beautiful. When do you put your happy dance in the next show?

havah said...

Glad your Easter production went well, if not smoothly. Our church usually does a passion play with contemporary songs, but they didn't so it this year. Oh well...

The photo of the dancer is beautiful -- very creative!

As for the "pooter" video -- it always amazes me how no one says anything.

Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm not sure what you had, but I have something nasty myself. My temp's down to 99 now though. Yay! I'm going back to bed now. Take care.

PS I love peeps -- especially if you keep them in the fridge!:)

Abbie said...

yeah, i agree with Reb. You just got to remember that he says the same thing each year :)
nice trailer dave! that was pretty neat!